Courmayeur, an enchanting little tourist town in Northern Italy has been the go-to destination for skiers and European travelers and it’s easy to see why. A place of never-ending winter fun, incredibly welcoming locals, luxurious ski resorts, and Courmayeur hotels make this place a dream destination. Check out our guide to make the most out of your trip to Courmayeur. 

Day 1

Visit the beautiful Giardino Botanico Alpino Saussurea

The best way to spend your first day in Courmayeur is to walk through this breathtaking flower-filled Alpine Garden. As one of the most famous spots in Courmayeur, this garden is a great place to enjoy the town. Here you can find different rare animals including the marmots, ibexes, and mountain deers.

Day 2 

Try yoga classes at the foot of Mont Blanc 

Your perfect Mont Blanc experience isn’t complete without getting into their local yoga class. Experience tranquility by doing yoga while immersed in nature at the foot of the Aiguille Noire de Peuterey. Morning yoga is always a great way to start the day. 

Take the Monte Bianco Skyway 

There’s no leaving Courmayeur without taking the Monte Bianco Skyway. Get on this futuristic cable car and enjoy the views of the Matterhorn. The car is heated and rotating and starts from Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner station. 

The first climb reaches 20000m of Pavillon du Mont Frety where you can have lunch. The second one reaches the highest point where there are several observation decks where you can get more fantastic views of the Alps. Because nearly every tourist that comes here visits the Skyway, you might want to wait a bit to find some available seats. 

Day 3

Wander outside the town center 

Courmayeur’s center is both charming and lively. There’s a lot of places to eat and shop. You have several options to dine and do some activities. You’ll find many tourists here as it’s the central hub of the town.  

If you want to see where the locals live, you can go walk towards Entreve. Here you’ll find the quiet side of Courmayeur filled with stone houses, narrow alleys, and wooden balconies. In the town center, you’ll also see lots of ski stores and souvenir shops. If you wish to stay somewhere with a nicer view, you’ll also find lots of rooms for rent and Courmayeur hotels nearby. 

Eat at La Bouche

Enjoy dinner in La Bouche. Just a short stroll south of Via Roma, La Bouche is a famous bar that’s known for its most imaginative cocktails. Customers can enjoy getting served by dressed-up bartenders (that look more like alchemists) with tiny blow torches and fired up smoked negronis. 

The restaurant has an overall cool and hip vibe, combined with tasty food and a comfortable lounge, this can easily be your favorite place to eat for the whole week. Overall, It’s a great place to hang out with friends or your partner or just see a rock band playing on weekends.

Day 4

Explore Museo Alpino Duca Degli Abruzzi  

An inspiring museum found near Parrocchia San Pantaleone, Museo Alpino Duca Degli Abruzzi is home to the town’s best memorabilia of famous alpinists. You’ll also learn about the local guides’ mountaineering history. 

Eat at La Terraza 

At the end of the street from the Parish, you’ll find this lively central bar-restaurant. La Terraza has an amazing array of Valdosta dishes and local specialties including trout with white wine sauce, hazelnut butter, and onion soup with crispy bread crust. 

Day 5

Get Breakfast at La Briciola 

This is one of the most underrated places to eat in the town center. La Briciola has one of the best breakfast plates. Go here if you’d like to taste the best croissants, brioche, and cappuccino. La Briciola opens early in the morning before the ski lifts open. You can leave your Courmayeur hotels room before 6 am and come here to taste the first fresh batch! You’ll be feeling better and ready for the day’s adventures. 

Visit Chamonix 

As one of the most beautiful resorts in the Alps, a visit here should be part of your planned itinerary. Here you can get a chance to fly over the highest peak in France. With the help of a state-certified instructor, you can experience what it’s like to soar above the towering Alps. Don’t worry, if you’re scared of heights. You can always choose your level depending on your experience. Flight duration is 1-3 hours. You can purchase an additional video recording by paying €30.

Day 6

Raft down the Dora Baltea River

Brace for impact and enjoy the rapids in the Dora Baltea river. Here you can raft with a professional guide and see the wonderful views of Mont Blanc while in the waters. This guide is trained and will keep you safe and happy throughout the trip. The boat can hold at least 8 people and a max of 32. 

Found at the base of Mont Blanc, this river has the most gorgeous waters during summer. You can also choose the difficulty of your raft trip. There’s Raft Express which is great for families with kids and Raft Must which are reserved only for the bravest ones! Get ready for an unforgettable adventure down the river. 

Day 7 

Rock Climbing at Dent du Geant on the Mont Blanc Massif 

Dent du Geant is located between Colle del Gigant and the Grandes Jorasses which is on a  ridge running from the summit of Mont Blanc to Mont Dolent. 

This is often considered Courmayeur’s most epic rock climbing excursion. Here you’ll get to climb an excursion up to the Giant Tooth that’s around 4,013m. Known for its challenging climb, the trail is only open for the most physically fit and active mountaineers. 

The trail starts by using the skyway lift in Courmayeur to access Punta Hhelbronner. You also have to cross the Gengiva glacier. The route has 8 pitches with sections equipped with fixed ropes. It has an AD difficulty rating.