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Courmayeur Ski Lifts

Anyone who visits Courmayeur Italy will find that they will not be disappointed, as the small Italian ski town has much to offer in many ways. But those individuals who visit Courmayeur specifically for the skiing will be even more pleasantly surprised, as Courmayeur is a town that definitely caters to the winter sports lovers, especially ski enthusiasts. This is the number one reason for the thousands of visitors from around the world that show up in the ski resort town of Courmayeur every year.

There are many amenities that are important to all types of winter sports lovers that visit places like Courmayeur. It is important that such a popular ski town have plenty of rental shops for equipment, plenty of restaurants, and plenty of great hotels. But one of the most important amenities, especially for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, are the ski lifts that take them to the many great ski areas that are spread throughout Mont Blanc and the rest of the Italian Alps that rise up above Courmayeur. And Courmayeur caters to its winter sports loving visitors in this way as well, as there are a number of lifts that are available to serve them. While leisure skiers may not need lifts to take them all the way to the tops of the mountains, downhill skiing enthusiasts will find the presence of ample ski lifts especially convenient. The list of lifts available in Courmayeur include cable cars, gondolas, and chair lifts, and there are plenty of them in all of the most popular ski areas in the magnificent Italian Alps.

Even though Courmayeur is not a very large town, you still will want to know how to get around when you are there, at least in regards to everything you need for you skiing or other winter sport adventure. Reading up on the town, what it has available, and where everything is ahead of time will allow you more time to actually enjoy those things when you get to Courmayeur. In addition to finding everything you will need for your winter sports adventure, you will also want to get an idea as to what you can do in your off time as well, as you can’t spend all of your time in the snow when you have such a lovely Italian Alpine village to enjoy as well. Italy is well-known for two things that Courmayeur offers, and that is style and great food. There are plenty of great stores to shop at in the town and plenty of great restaurants to refuel at when you are not on the lifts or the slopes. But there is no doubt that more than anything you want to know where all of the ski lifts are and which slopes they will take you too.

Not only will knowing where all of the ski lifts are help you to get around quicker when you are in Courmayeur but it will help you determine a number of other variables in regards to your entire trip as well. One of those variables is cost, as the prices vary from one ski lift to the next, as well as depending on where on the mountain you will be getting off of the lift and how long you will be on the mountain. When you research the individual ski lifts you can determine where you want to go and how much it will cost. Another variable that will be affected depending on the location of the ski lifts you are interested in is the Courmayeur accommodations that you choose to stay in during your visit. The various ski lifts are spread throughout the town, as are the many great Courmayeur hotels that you have to choose from as well. With so many of both there is no doubt that you can find a hotel close to the main area in which you want to ski, as long as you book early enough that is, as it is important to remember that Courmayeur Italy is very popular among ski enthusiast travelers.

Each of the different types of ski lifts can be found throughout the entire mountain, so if you prefer one type over another it is very likely that you will be able to find what you are looking for in the area you want to ski. For the most part the lifts tend to coincide with a specific general ski area, which makes it that much simpler to plan ahead and get around when you get to Courmayeur. Since simplicity is already a factor and because the names of the lifts will make finding the ski areas easier, it makes more sense to provide a list of lifts based on the type instead, since many people prefer a specific type of lift. You will find that there are a number of each and that there is a variety to choose from in each area. In all, there are more than 20 different lifts that are very popular among the large group of Courmayeur winter sport tourists.

Cable Car Lifts – A cable car lift system is a type of system that consists of generally rather large cabins that are propelled up a mountain by being attached to cables. These tend to hold more people per cabin than other types of lifts and are usually enclosed, which is one reason for their popularity among winter sport enthusiasts. There are a number of cable car lifts in Courmayeur, which include:

  • Youla
  • Arp
  • Val Veny
  • Courmayeur
  • Funivie Monte Bianco

Gondola Lifts – Gondola lifts are similar to cable car lifts in that they usually consist of an enclosed car that passengers ride in to get to a specific area. The most common difference between the cable car and the gondola is that gondola cars tend to be quite a bit smaller than cable cars. There are only a couple of gondola style lifts that are used by visitors to Courmayeur, which include the following:

  • Checrouit
  • Dolonne

Chair Lifts – Chair lifts are the most commonly seen style of lifts in Courmayeur, and they tend to be very popular among ski enthusiasts, as they are easier to maneuver in with skis. In addition, those that choose the chair lifts over other types of lifts will get a very unique view of Courmayeur, Mont Blanc, and the rest of the magnificent Swiss Alps, which makes the chair lifts well worth the cold ride. These types of lifts are plentiful throughout the Courmayeur area and include the following:

  • Aretu
  • Maison Vieille
  • Pra Neyron
  • Dzeleuna
  • Zerotta
  • Plan de la Gubba
  • Bertolini
  • Tzaly
  • Peindeint
  • Le Greye

Finding a ski lift in Courmayeur will not be a difficult task at all, particularly if you are a fan of the traditional ski lift, as there are more of these than any other style. Each style offers a unique experience, though, so if you will be in Courmayeur of an extended stay you might as well experience each and every one of them if you can. This is a surefire way to make sure that you experience all that the beautiful little ski town of Courmayeur Italy has to offer. And it will be an experience that you will never forget.