Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

The Alps are by far one of the most spectacular and breathtaking mountain ranges in the world, and one of Europe’s greatest and largest. The entire Alps mountain range spreads more than 700 miles, across numerous countries, which is why they are broken up into multiple regions. And while the Swiss Alps are the most commonly heard of Alps region, each of the regions is characterized by amazing scenery, as well as its own uniqueness.

The Graian Alps are the region that spreads through the Western portion of the Alps mountain range, and they spread through three individual countries, including parts of France, Switzerland, and Italy. In each of these countries there is one specific mountain peak that gets more attention than others, and in Italy it is Mont Blanc, which is located in the very small Italian town of Courmayeur. The town sits at the bottom of the mountain, so Courmayeur is an ideal place for all types of winter sports lovers, and although it is a very small town it has much to offer.

Many of the Courmayeur hotels and ski resorts in the town are positioned so that they offer sweeping breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and the rest of the Graian Alps. And because the town is so small, and because it is one of the less known about Alps destinations, it is a peacefully beautiful place to spend a winter time vacation. Even if you do not plan to ski the Graian Alps while you are in Courmayeur, the opportunity to see Mont Blanc is worth a trip to the small Italian town for sure.

Mont Blanc is not only the highest mountain peak in the Graian Alps, and not only the highest peak in all of the entire Alps mountain range as well, but it is also the highest mountain peak in all of Western Europe too. The name is derived from an Italian phrase that translates to “White Mountain,” and when one sees Mont Blanc there will be little doubt as to why it was given the name. Reaching to more than 15,000 feet into the air, Mont Blanc is almost always capped with snow, which means it dominates the backdrop of the town of Courmayeur. It lies between the Haute-Savoie, France and Aosta Valley, Italy regions, so it is the backdrop to a number of other cities as well. The sight that it is from Courmayeur, though, can in no way be explained, as it is a breathtaking sight to see for sure.

Along with those that simply want to see the sight of Mont Blanc towering over the beautiful town of Courmayeur, there are those that go there for the most common reasons as well, which are skiing and climbing. There are many different paths defined for each, and those that do visit Courmayeur for these reasons will surely be catered to. Mont Blanc itself, although not the town of Courmayeur, was the site of the very first Winter Olympics. So for decades it has been considered a world-class ski destination, but this is only one way that visitors can see Mont Blanc.

For those that want to see the sweeping views of the mountain, but not by climbing to the top or skiing or snowboarding down, there is another, less dangerous option. For those that begin their Mont Blanc journey in Courmayeur, there is the opportunity to see the mountain range by cable car. The journey begins with the ascent up the mountain beginning in Courmayeur, after which reaching the max altitude will continue across the mountain range, before ending in Chamonix. This is considered one of the most popular Mont Blanc sightseeing routes, as it affords views of the entire mountain range unlike any other.

Regardless of how you decide you want to see Mont Blanc, it is definitely worth the time, the money, and the energy to see it. There are few mountains in the world that are so magnificent and so beautiful. And Courmayeur is one of the best places from which to gain access to the world-class skiing that Mont Blanc affords, and is the perfect place for those who simply want an opportunity to view it.