Not the most popular of ski resorts, but Courmayeur Italy is a summer destination that you don’t want to miss. It is a small town with all the conveniences of the bigger cities in Italy. Even though it may be small, it will leave the biggest memories for you and your family when you spend a summer in Courmayeur.

It is probably more popular in the summer because of the many activities that are available. And each of the hotels are conveniently close to all the Courmayeur activities and excitement. Parents and children both will have activities to keep busy the whole time you are in Courmayeur.

A Family Hotel For Families

The Hotel Croux is ran by a family, so they will know and understand a family’s needs. This is one of the Courmayeur Hotels that is close to the pedestrian area and each room will have a balcony or a view that all want to see, Mount Blanc.

Like many of the Courmayeur hotels, this one has a television in each room, which is designed and furnished simply, perfect for any family. Free internet point and a free pool for the kids to enjoy as well as a game room.

Mom and dad can relax in the Turkish bath or workout in the fitness area. Your room will have a private bathroom and breakfast room is available each morning. If you aren’t up to touring and enjoying the activities, there is a playground for the kids.

Mount Blanc Views Are Spectacular

At the Hotel Triolet, you have free parking, free Wi-Fi and you can enjoy the view of Mount Blanc from the garden or terrace.  The restaurant that is just a few yards away offers guests of this hotel a discount on meals and you may enjoy a bar, sauna or a reading room if you choose.

Each room has a private bath and during the summer months, the staff organizes a BBQ on the grounds for the guests. A continental breakfast awaits the guest each morning and is stocked with local and international foods.

A Town Of Beauty And Convenience

The Courmayeur Center is just 5 minutes from the Triolet and A5 highway is easy to get to if you rent a car. Facing Mount Blanc there are trails of Courmayeur that you can enjoy on your own or with a guide. Rock Climbing and water sports are available for the active visitors and each hotel in Courmayeur is close to it all.