Courmayeur Activities

Being that Courmayeur Italy is such as small ski town there is not as many activities available as there may be in the much larger ski towns that boast the Alps as the backdrop of their quaint little communities. But the activities that are available to participate in when visiting Courmayeur are no doubt ones to be, and that always are and have been, enjoyed by visitors from around the world. And considering the fact that the view of the Graian Alps and Mont Blanc are well worth the trip to Courmayeur alone, and the fact that the town is the ideal setting for all sorts of mountain-related sports, both winter as well as warmer weather sports, the activities are just an added bonus anyway. Still whenever you visit somewhere, though, even if you are going for one specific reason mainly, you still want to know what you can do during your off time, and in Courmayeur you will have a few unique options.

Courmayeur is a town that no more than 3,000 people call home today, and it sits within the Aosta Valley, so it is well away from the noise and the chaos of big cities, unlike so many other tourist destinations. This is a town that you go to in order to do one thing, although there are many ways in which to go about doing it, and that one thing is to simply indulge in the wonder that is the untouched nature that surrounds Courmayeur. Depending on when you decide to go to Courmayeur, there are a few activities specifically that will allow you to truly enjoy all of the natural splendor that is the Alps, Mont Blanc, and Courmayeur.

Winter Courmayeur Activities – Winter activities in Courmayeur are no doubt some of the most popular activities to participate in when visiting the quaint mountain town. With Mont Blanc reaching far above the town and serving as a one of a kind backdrop, there is little doubt to why this is. So many who love skiing wants to ski the challenging yet breathtaking Alps, and Mont Blanc, being the highest mountain peak in the Alps, serves as the perfect place to do so. But skiing is not the only winter activity to be enjoyed in Courmayeur, as visitors also have the opportunity to participate in some other exciting winter activities as well, some popular around the world, and some a bit unique to very few places in the world. If you love wintertime activities and you plan to visit Courmayeur then you will definitely want to try a few of these other activities in addition to skiing.

  • Snowshoeing – Snowshoeing may not be quite as exciting of a winter sport as skiing but it is fun, and it is a great way to take your time and enjoy nature during the winter time. On snowshoes you can get to places where you would not otherwise be able to on skis, so when you go snowshoeing you will get a completely different view of the mountains and the town that sits at their base, and a completely different experience. You can choose to snowshoe on paths designated for hiking in the mountains or you can stay right in and around Courmayeur and take in the sites of the town. Whichever you decide you will no doubt enjoy snowshoeing in such a spectacular place, and with such breathtaking scenery.
  • Dog-sledding – Dog-sledding is an exciting wintertime activity that is not available just anywhere. Very few ski resort towns offer this unique activity, so you should try it while you have the opportunity. For those that are not really into the more active winter activities this is a great option because you can sit back and relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery, without doing all of the work. Dog-sledding tours are led by well-trained guides, but they will even give you the chance to try your own hand at dog-sledding too. Best of all, this is an activity that is ideal for most ages, so if you have children you can bring them along for the fun as well, and give them an experience that will last a lifetime.
  • Ice Climbing – For those visitors to Courmayeur during the winter that like to live on the wild side, there is the opportunity to go ice climbing. And although this is definitely an activity for the more athletic individual, all skill levels can participate in this activity. There are both instructors and guides available to get ice climbers ready for their adventure. These guides will know exactly which areas are suitable for beginners, as there are a number of spots to go ice climbing, including waterfalls that freeze during the colder months. And the views afforded to the ice climber on an ice climbing adventure are surely one of a kind.
  • Heli-Skiing – For those skiing enthusiast that are looking for a little more excitement this time around, there is another very unique winter activity to participate in. Heli-skiing is not a winter activity for everyone, but for those that do have the skills to attempt heli-skiing it will surely be a one of a kind, memorable experience. Skiers will be flown by helicopter to one of three areas of their choosing before being dropped and left to explore uncharted areas. This activity is not for skiers looking for a simple relaxing ski down predefined pistes, but one that will require exploration from the skier in order to figure out where to go. Heli-skiers can find everything they need for this adventure when they visit Courmayeur, and an adventure of a lifetime it will be for sure.
Summer Courmayeur Activities

The Graian Alps, and specifically Mont Blanc, are a great place to spend your summers as well. Skiing may be the most common reason for visiting Courmayeur, but there are far more activities available to participate in during the summer months. And many of the activities that are available during the summer months take much less skill to participate in as well. Whether relaxation is your style or you prefer adventure travel, there are activities that you can take part in when you visit Courmayeur in the summer. And a couple in particular are especially popular.

  • Hiking – Hiking is by far one of the most loved summer activities in Courmayeur, as a peaceful walk among the many trails that lead through the mountains affords one the best views of the natural surroundings. Visitors can find maps that point out the best hiking trails in Courmayeur, and there are plenty to keep any visitor busy for days. Regardless of your skill level you will find trails suitable for you, along which there will no doubt be beautiful views.
  • White Water Rafting – The water melting of the glaciers in the Graian Alps make for magnificent rushing waters, particularly in the spring and the early summer months. Those looking for adventure will surely find it white water rafting in the river that runs through Courmayeur. The Dora Baltea is a favorite of local white water rafting enthusiasts, as it is known for its rushing waters, so visitors to Courmayeur will have no trouble having their expectations of the sport fulfilled.
  • Horse Riding – Seeing the Graian Alps and Mont Blanc, as well as other parts of Courmayeur, by horseback is another unique experience that visitors during the warmer months can participate in. Aosta Valley is a beautiful area, with the perfect terrain for both beginner and expert horse riders alike. And there is the option to either go riding with a group or to go alone, depending on the experience you are looking for. One thing is for sure, and that is that this is an activity you will not be sorry you tried, at least not when you try it in Courmayeur Italy.
  • Rock Climbing – Rock climbing is one of those activities that takes a certain level of skill in order to climb the best areas. Fortunately, though, in Courmayeur visitors will find that there are options for all skill levels. Expert climbers can see some of the most amazing scenery in the world from the vantage points that they can reach, and beginners will find that Courmayeur is the perfect spot to find out what all the fuss is about when it comes to rock climbing. In either situation, the memories will no doubt last a lifetime.

There are so many places in Italy that are worth seeing, and each of them is characterized by a unique community and even more unique scenery. While many people long to see the most famous Italian cities, the smaller towns like Courmayeur are just as wonderful. Many people do not think of Italy when they think of snow capped mountain peaks, ski lodges, and world class winter sports, but this is exactly what visitors to Italy will find in Courmayeur. Even if you are not a winter sport enthusiast, or a rock climber or hiker, you too can enjoy the quaint little town of Courmayeur.