Courmayeur may be famous for its ski resorts and winter activities, but it’s also the best location to experience some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in all of Europe. Combine that with its lush trails and world-class nature oasis and restaurants, this little town in Northern Italy is truly the perfect place for Instagram lovers and photographers seeking beautiful views. 

Visiting Courmayeur for just a few days? Don’t let a minute of your trip go to waste! Discover the top places to take shots, pose for pictures, and get amazing photos to share on your social media. Here’s a helpful guide to help you find the best picture-perfect spots around Courmayeur. 

Lago Combal

Lago Combal is one of the most iconic destination spots in Courmayeur. This small lake resides on a large plateau that is surrounded by massive ridges. On its right, you’ll find the Suc and Aiguille mountains, and on the left its the Fortin and Perc mountains. 

The lake’s greenish color is brought by the streams that flow grassy turf. The water’s color also changes with the season. During winter when the snows and glaciers start to melt, the water turns into a pastel blue hue and returns to its original color during spring. There are also plenty of fish and rare wild animals sightings in the lake area. 

Hiking to Lago Combal is often described as “difficult”, but many hikers who are up for the challenge love going back to the spot. Plus, the scenic views are worth every sweat or scrape you get from the journey. 

Mont Blanc 

Mont Blanc de Comirmayeur is another favorite spot among skiers visiting Northern Italy and it’s easy to see why. This spot located on the south-east ridge of Mont Blanc which forms the peak to the east is the second-highest peak in the Alps. Mont Blanc also offers grand views of its beautiful mountain facade where people often go hiking and skiing. 

The ski area can only be reached via cableways in Courmayeur. Many tourists visit Mont Blanc each year for its exciting winter events. It is also one of the most recommended destination spots in Courmayeur for tourists who wish to experience different kinds of winter activities. It has roads that lead to other parts of Northern Italy, Switzerland, and France. 

The Mont Blanc Skyway is currently the eighth wonder of the world with a 3,492-meter long cable car linking Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner. Mont Blanc is also a great place to go if you’re looking to snap some shots. Each angle of the mountain can get you different interesting views. 

Whenever visiting, make sure you’ve talked with the guides and authorities guarding the spot. In 2019, Italian authorities have closed roads and evacuated people after they received warning that a glacier in the area might collapse.

Val Ferret Valley

No visit in Courmayeur is complete without a shot of the famous Val Ferret Valley. There are lots of mountain ranges and valleys in Nothern Italy, but Val Ferret is said to be the most spectacular valley of all found in Courmayeur. 

Found at the base of the Mont Blac chain, this valley is known for its gentle slopes and beautiful fauna and flora. Many photographers are awed by the valley’s beauty and would often come here to take shots of the mountains. You can often find photos of the valley online along with hikers walking along the sweeping slopes. This is by far one of the most instagrammable valleys in the country. 

It’s also a cross-country hiker favorite, especially those going on the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc. In the winter, Val Ferret valley is popular for snow trekkers and snow bikers. While in Summer, it’s a popular destination for golfing, fishing, and mountain biking. 

Saussurea Alpiune Botanial Garden 

There are lots of resorts and destination spots in Northern Italy, but for guaranteed pretty Instagram shots, head to Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden. First opened in 1987, the Saussurea garden is created by the Saussurea Foundation to conduct studies about nature in the Aosta Valley region of Mont Blanc.

The garden is perfect for people interested in flowers and plants. It’s also near the Pavillon stop of the Skyway cable car. Very few people often get to visit this place because of its location. Due to the place’s altitude, the garden is only open from June until late September. The rest of the year, it is covered with snow with a depth of 3-4 meters. 

Saussurea is around 7,000 m2 and is divided into two sections: artificial rock garden and the alpine pasture where many flowers of different rare species bloom each year. Saussurea can be reached via Skyway Monte Bianco, or it would be 2 hours of walk by trail from La Palud.