If you love nature and are looking to spend your vacation somewhere far away from the crowd, then I suggest you visit the small town of Courmayeur. Skip the corporate sponsor vibes and overpriced services in the city and head to the small, adorable, peaceful Courmayeur and spend valuable time with your loved ones here.

The historic Courmayeur lies at the foot of the famous Mont Blanc, near the France – Italy border. The place is a beautiful, refined town with an adventurous mountain spirit. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, Courmayeur is one of the most attractive vacation destinations all year-round. In this article, I will guide you through the most popular activities – things you must do once you visit this lovely town of Italy.

Enjoy fantastic views with the Skyway Monte Bianco

Opened in 2015, Mont Blanc cableway allows you to set out to discover the majestic landscapes of the Alpine. Linking Courmayeur with Pointe Helbronner on the southern side of Mont Blanc, Skyway Monte Bianco’s rotary cable cars offer tourists a full 360-degree view of the highest peaks of Western Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, the Gran Paradiso and the Grand Combin. This is what makes Skyway Monte Bianco attractive to tourists.

The cable cars will take you up to 3,500 meters high with 3 stations along the way – Pontal d’Entrèves, Pavillon du Mont Fréty, and Punta Helbronner. At each station, you can stop and enjoy your time inside restaurants, bars, shopping centers, etc. In addition, you can visit the Saussurea botanical garden from Pavillon station. 

Skiing at the world’s famous Courmayeur ski resort

Courmayeur is a favorite destination for skiers and snowboarders, especially in winter. Travelers can hit the mountain and explore over 30 different slopes. There are ski runs for every level in the ski areas. Here, you can experience one of the most popular winter activities – skiing while enjoying the magnificent view of the Alpines at the same time.

There are two main ski areas in Courmayeur: the Chécrouit/Val Veny ski resort and Monte Bianco ski resort. You can access the Checrouit-Val Veny ski area and Monte Bianco by cable car directly from the center of Courmayeur. This winter wonderland is always ready for skiers and snowboarders thanks to the artificial snowmaking that covers more than 70% of the area.

Participate in the Celtica Valle d’Aosta

The Celtica festival in Courmayeur is one of Europe’s biggest and most elevated festivals that celebrates music, art, and culture. The festival is held annually at Courmayeur with music and dance performances, featuring hundreds of artists from various Celtic countries. In addition to different performances and shows, the festival also includes parades, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and many other activities for adults and children of all ages. Come to town and celebrate the spirit of high peak and green woods, blend in the smiles and joys of the people here, and feast in one of the biggest and most splendid international festivals.

Visit Courmayeur Fun Park Dolonne

If you travel with your family and your kids, you must not forget to visit this winter wonderland of joy and fun. The park is located in the Dolonne district, about 1 km from the center of Courmayeur. You can easily reach the park on foot. 

Fun Park Dolonne is created using the play concept on snow. Here, your kids can enjoy all kinds of activities like bobsleds or jumping carpets. There are also slopes just for kids and it’s far away from the main slopes, so don’t worry about your kids getting hurt. Summer activities are available as well with trampolines, pools with balls, small climbing walls, and pedal karts.

Take a tour at Giardino Botanico Alpino Saussurea 

At 2,173 meters above sea level, the alpine botanical garden Saussurea in Courmayeur is Europe’s highest botanical garden. The Saussurea garden was opened as a tourist attraction in 1984 and is dedicated to the scientist Horace-Bénedict de Saussure. There are around 900 species of flowers and plants, of which many come from other gardens in Europe.

You can reach the garden via the Skyway Monte Bianco or by foot, which is about a 2 hours walk. In the garden, you will find different sections, each displaying and illustrating different habitats (North American, Eurasia, Himalaya). There are exotic plants and flowers like edelweiss flowers, herbs, calcicole fauna, and so many more. 

Visit the Notre Dame de Guérison Sanctuary in Courmayuer

If you are a devout Christian, surely you can’t miss this spot. The Notre Dame de Guérison Sanctuary is a Christian sanctuary situated in Courmayeur, on the entrance of Val Vény. This characteristic sanctuary has witnessed many miraculous healings since its establishment. 

The place was built in 1792 and is named after Mary, who was invoked as a healer. In 1816, the expansion of the Brenva glacier caused this little chapel to collapse; only the statue of the Madonna remained intact. This was considered a miracle at the time. Since then, the building has undergone several refurbishments. Now, it is one of the most famous chapels in Italy and even well-known for believers in other countries.

There are still many things to talk about, many places to visit and many to do in Courmayeur.