Dining Italian Style in Courmayeur

When most people go to Courmayeur Italy for a vacation they do so with the intention of doing one or more of four things, which include rock climbing, hiking, ice climbing, and skiing. Aside from the conditions affecting those activities few of the visitors to the mountain town that boasts the best view of Mont Blanc stop to think about what else they will need when they get to Courmayeur. Fortunately, the town covers pretty much everything you will need for any of those activities, as well as anything else you need to survive away from home for a week or so. And one of the things that they provide best, and what you need most, is what you will eat when you are visiting there.

There are few countries that do food better than Italy, and just because Courmayeur is not your typical Italian city doesn’t mean that they don’t do food just as good as the rest of Italy. Italian food is characterized by rich sauces and savory spices, along with ample use of garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and olive oil, as well as a number of delicious cheeses. These delicious items can be used in so many ways, and they are when the cooking is authentic Italian. Not only does Courmayeur have a wide range of Italian offerings, but being the ski town that it is it has some very unique options as well. Some of the Italian restaurants are like many of those that you will find in some of the most popular Italian cities, while other Italian restaurants in Courmayeur are a bit more rustic and old world in style. Whichever type you choose to eat at, there is no doubt that you will be served a classic and delicious Italian meal. And there are a few restaurants of each type in particular that tend to attract those looking for an authentic Italian meal.

  • La Terrazza – La Terrazza is an Italian restaurant that not only serves delicious Italian food, but that also is characterized by a very authentic atmosphere. Diners can choose to sit inside or dine outdoors, the latter which affords a spectacular mountain view. Both settings are elegant in a laid-back Italian way, and the dishes that are served are far from the typical Italian fare that you see in not-so authentic Italian restaurants outside of Italy. Some of the top dishes to try at La Terrazza include the Vegetable Dumplings w/ Fresh Tomato Coulis San Marzano, the Potato and Leek Flan w/ Fonduta Toma di Gressoney, the Piedmontese Ravioli w/ Roast Sauce, the Trout in White Wine Sauce Morgex and Seasonal Vegetables, and the Pork Tenderloin Chili Honey and Balsamic Vinegar. Trying any of these dishes will ensure that you leave with the memory of an authentic Italian experience.
  • Alpetta – There are those restaurants that you will dine it right in the town of Courmayeur, and then there are those restaurants that you will dine at when you are out on the slopes. They are two very different types of restaurants, but both equally enjoyable. Alpetta is one of those restaurants that you can visit while you are out skiing, as it is situated along the Chiecco Baby run in the Graian Alps, only a short distance from Courmayeur. The atmosphere is simple and rustic, but the food is delicious, authentic Italian. And there is a surprisingly extensive menu served at Alpetta for it being a mountain restaurant. Some of the ample portioned dishes that you might want to try at this wonderfully rustic Italian place include any of the gourmet burgers that are made fresh with Piemontese beef, the Alpetta Tagliata (which is beef served with rosemary, red onion marmalade, rucola, and parmesan), the Orecchiette w/ Broccoli and Anchovies, the Penne w/ Gorgonzola and Walnuts, and the Onion Soup w/ Toasted Ciabatta and Pecorino Cheese. Some of these dishes may seem unusual but this is what makes them simply so special.
  • Ristorante Baita Lo Sciatore – For a much more fine Italian dining experience right in the town of Courmayeur, there is the Ristorante Baita Lo Sciatore. This is a restaurant that offers dishes that are simple and unique, but in no way lacking in elegance. The restaurant offers both indoor seating with a bit of a rustic feel, as well as outdoor seating when possible. Although it is considered an Italian steakhouse, it does offer plenty of delicious Italian dishes other than steak as well. Some of the dishes worth trying at Ristorante Baita Lo Sciatore include the Baked Red Onion, the Stir-Fried Beans w/ Onion, Sage, and Tomato Sauce, the Mixed Grilled Meat, the Sliced Beef Steak w/ Red Chicory, the Beef Stew in White Wine Sauce and Polenta, the Homemade Noodles Seasoned w/ Fresh Vegetables, and the Risotto w/ Blueberry Sauce and Chives. Both the Italian dishes and the steaks are worth trying here, so be sure to come hungry because you don’t want to miss out on anything.

There are more than 30 Italian restaurants in Courmayeur, but these are three that serve excellent food, and will remind you of authentic Italy for sure.