Mont Blanc Ski

Courmayeur Italy is home to some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in all of Europe, and any ski enthusiast would be delighted to be able to ski any of them for sure. But when people decide to take a ski vacation in Courmayeur it is almost always Mont Blanc that they mainly are after. Mont Blanc is not only a spectacular view to see, but it has some pretty impressive stats as well. It is the highest mountain peak in all of the European Union, reaching as high as nearly 5,000 meters into the air, and it is the site of the first ever Olympics to be held.

Being that Mont Blanc has so much to be boasted about, it is no wonder that the towns that sit at the base of the magnificent mountain are dedicated to visitors having the ultimate skiing experience. Courmayeur is one of those towns, and not only does it have access to the natural wonder that is Mont Blanc, but it has a wonderful little town full other aspects to enjoy as well. But foremost in everyone’s mind when they visit Courmayeur is the skiing, and there are plenty of great pistes around Mont Blanc to ski, so a guide to the best ways to ski Mont Blanc will come in handy.

  • Ski Pistes and Paths Around Mont Blanc – On the western side of Mont Blanc, also known as Mt. Bianco, is where most of the pistes and paths are located. Incidentally, this is also the side that Courmayeur is on as well, so those skiers that stay in the small Italian town will have easy access to the best skiing with views of Mont Blanc.
    Often when skiing enthusiasts think of Mont Blanc, even intermediate level skiers, they tend to assume that the pistes that are around Mont Blanc will be too difficult to ski, but this is only half of the truth. To be sure, there are a number of more difficult pistes for expert skiers to challenge themselves to, but there are also plenty of pistes and paths for the intermediate and the beginner skiers as well. In fact, many visitors to Courmayeur are surprised to find out that the mid-level slopes are actually even at the top part of the mountains above Courmayeur, while the more difficult are located more in the center. For those looking for more difficult runs some of the most popular options include the Cresta Youla, which begins over 2500 meters in the air, Cresta D’Arp, which is even higher up than Youla, and Col Checrouit, which is only slightly lower down the mountain than the other two mentioned. Any of these will offer breathtaking views of Mont Blanc for sure. For those looking for a bit easier to manage slopes, but that still want to rise well above Courmayeur, some of the best options include Gabba, Lazey, Del Colle, and Lavenchon. While the latter two are located a bit further from the western side of Mont Blanc, the first two are the closest to Mont Blanc, so they offer a special ski experience. And finally, for those that are just starting out in the skiing enthusiasts club there are still numerous wonderful options, some even right along the western side of Mont Blanc, which include Val Veny, Courba, and Chetif. Being that these runs are located where they are you will not only get a great view of Mont Blanc if you ski any one of them, but of the area below the mountains, which is a unique perspective as well.
    These are only a few of the many pistes, paths, trails, and runs that visitors to Courmayeur can experience, but any are good places to start for sure.
  • Off-Piste Skiing by Helicopter – For those individuals that are looking for a little more privacy, seclusion, and excitement on their ski trip there is off-piste skiing as well, although this is only for the more experienced skiers. Off-piste skiing, for those that do not know, involves being dropped off at certain areas of the mountain by helicopter. The unchartered areas can be explored by skiers who are looking for a little more of an adventure, and this is what they will surely find. Some of these runs will take you right back into Courmayeur, while others may lead to Chamonix, where skiers can hop on a bus to get back to their Courmayeur hotels. Before attempting one of these runs, though, it is important to learn more about the many different skiing adventures that you can have, and how to stay safe while experiencing them.

There are so many ways to ski in Courmayeur that you can only appreciate the vast opportunities after you see them lying there in front of you, so don’t waste any time in planning your trip to Courmayeur this winter.