Sites We Hope You’ll Find Interesting and Helpful

Look down below and you’ll see some links that we hope you’ll find interesting and helpful. We’ve checked them out carefully and we think every one of them is worth a visit.

You’ll see that we’ve divided these links into categories. That should make it easier to find the specific sites you want. The three categories we settled on are “Beach Destinations,” “Ski Destinations,” and “Miscellaneous Other Sites.”

“Beach Destinations” lists sites that will tell you about some of the planet’s top spots for diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, swimming in the surf, sunbathing, or just hanging out on the beach. Besides providing information about sights and activities at the destination, they’ll tell you about options for accommodation.

Our “Ski Destinations” links relate to places known for their world-class skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. If you’re interested in traveling to a spot that offers these types of activities, be sure to check out these links. Like the sites in our “Beach Destinations” category, they also include information about hotels.

The sites listed under “Miscellaneous Other Links” don’t pertain to beach or ski destinations, but we think they’ll be interesting and helpful in other ways. For example, Airlines Northwest has useful information about a number of travel destinations throughout the world, but it can also help you book your flight and hotel once you decide where you’re heading.

We think you’ll also find other “Miscellaneous” site especially helpful: Green Technology Info that provides current information on green technology, sustainable homes, green living, and smart home designs for now and the future.

Stay tuned – we’ll be adding links to other recommended sites on an ongoing basis.

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Miscellaneous Other Sites