Courmayeur Ski Adventures

Courmayeur Ski Adventures

It is no secret that most people who visit Courmayeur Italy do so specifically for the world-class skiing that can be found there, and there are many areas throughout the Graian Alps that sit above the town to suit any experience level skier. But those that visit Courmayeur that have the most skiing experience do not always want to stick to the predefined paths that are popular among the average ski resort guests. And in Courmayeur there is something for those individuals too.

The first thing many people think of when they think of skiing is skiing at one of the posh ski resorts that provide lifts to take you to the predefined ski runs that are spread throughout the easily accessible parts of the mountain. And for many skiers, both beginner and more experienced, this is what skiing is. But for a much smaller group of skiing enthusiast there is the desire for a little more adventure with their skiing, and both types of experiences can be found not far from Courmayeur.

Before heading out for any Courmayeur ski adventure it is important to know exactly what you are getting into. There are guide companies in Courmayeur that can help you plan the perfect adventure for you, so you should avoid trying to do this yourself. Some ski adventures may even necessitate that you have a guide with you, while others will just require a guide to set it up and get you going. Regardless of what you are looking for, there are a few different types of ski adventures that will leave a lasting impression for sure.

  • Off-Piste Skiing – Off-piste skiing is exactly what it sounds like, skiing without predefined paths formed by a ski resort town, and experienced skiers love the adventure. Although there are no predefined pistes when it comes to off-piste skiing, there are specific “runs” where skiers can ski. These are areas that have been determined by well-experienced ski guides to be safe enough for those that want a little extra adventure on their ski vacations. In Courmayeur there are three different paths that adventurous skiers can take, each of them starting at Cresta d’ Arp. A clockwise path around the loop to Val Veny from Arp Vieille will afford skiers an amazing view of the Miage Glacier, an eastern decent through various valleys will take skiers to Pre-St-Didier or Dolonne, and those that head west will be afford a unique view of the Youla Gorge before ending up at La Balme. Any of these route will offer a unique experience for sure, and they can be accessed a number of ways. And a Courmayeur ski guide can help you get everything you need and help you get everything set up.
  • Heli-Skiing – Heli-skiing is essentially a more extreme version of off-piste skiing, but it definitely requires a much higher level of experience. Rather than having to manage the slopes in order to get to the more difficult to reach off-piste ski areas, those who set up a heli-skiing adventure will be taken to even more secluded locations that are only reachable by helicopter. Skiers will then make their own way through whichever area they choose, making their own paths, and their own adventures, along the way. The areas at which heli-skiing adventures are possible include Cervinia, Monterosa, and Valgrisenche. Heli-skiing adventures can last for the day or skiers can choose to go on a longer adventure, stopping at various locations along the way before reaching their destination. Either way, it will be a one-of-a-kind adventure.
  • Ski Tours – Last but not least, and an adventure that can be had by even those of lower skill levels, is taking a ski tour. Ski touring is not much different than the usual skiing, nor is it that different from off-piste skiing. It involves exploring the mountain wilderness to its fullest, although in this case it will be with a ski guide along for the ride. Courmayeur ski guides know all of the best places to take all levels of skiers, they can provide that extra degree of safety due to their skills, and they can point out some of the best Alps and Mont Blanc scenery as well. Different tours take different amounts of time, and will lead you to different places, and of course you can choose prior to scheduling your tour exactly what you would like it to entail. With so little work to do yourself as far as the planning process this is a particularly special way to enjoy Courmayeur skiing. All you have to do is contact a guide company and it won’t be long before you are on your way.

To be sure, the regular skiing in Courmayeur is plenty exciting, but for those that want even more adventure, trips like these are the way to go.