Courmayeur Family Vacation

Courmayeur Family Vacation

Although you may not see as many families at the best ski resorts as you do couples and groups of friends, there are plenty of parents who share their love of skiing with their children, but not every ski resort is designed with the child in mind. Much of this has to do with the skiing conditions in a specific area, as in some of the most popular ski spots the hills simply may be too treacherous for children. For this reason, it is often difficult for families to find a ski resort town that will accommodate all of their needs, but if you have found Courmayeur you will have to look no further.

Courmayeur Italy is the perfect ski vacation destination for families for many reasons. The town is one of the smaller of the more popular ski towns, and is only home to just under 3,000 people, which makes it a lot less stressful when it comes to getting around with children in tow. As small as the town of Courmayeur is, though, it has plenty of options for dining and activities as well, which makes it much easier to satisfy both your needs and desires as well as those of your children. Whether you enjoy other activities in addition to skiing and other winter sports, whether you want to eat pizza all week to satisfy your kids or they enjoy a big juicy steak as much as you do, and regardless of how classy or simple of a hotel you are looking for, you can find it in Courmayeur. But there are a few places in particular that are especially popular with families with kids.

Kid-Friendly Dining – While you will likely not go to any restaurant and hear the managers say that kids are not allowed, there are definitely restaurants that you might not want to take them to for your own reasons. The reasons for not taking your children to certain restaurants could have to do with the atmosphere of the restaurant or the reasons could have to with the menu they serve, or it could be something completely different, either way you are going to want to know what your options are. And there are a few restaurants in particular in Courmayeur that are perfectly suited to accommodate families with children.

  • The Chalet Val Ferret – The Chalet Val Ferret restaurant is a great place to take kids because there is outdoor seating, and this is not your average outdoor restaurant seating either. There is plenty of room for the tables to be spread out, which offers a bit of privacy for each individual table. And the backdrop of the restaurant is the magnificent Graian Alps, so parents have every reason to want to visit this restaurant too.
  • The Pizzeria Snack Bar Du Tunnel – This is no doubt a very small restaurant, but it serves up some of the best of every kid’s favorite meal. The Pizzeria Snack Bar Du Tunnel is known not only for the deliciousness of their pizzas, but for the size and value as well. This restaurant is great for parents because they have unique pizzas on the menu and a great wine list, and it’s great for kids because it has pizza period. Going here is a win-win situation, and they deliver!

Kid-Friendly Activities – It is not always easy finding activities that both parents and children can enjoy together in so many small towns dedicated to skiing, but there is plenty of those activities in Courmayeur. Whether you’re looking for something indoors or something related to nature, there are a couple of things that you will particularly enjoy together as a family.

  • Cable Car Ride – Cable car rides are an exciting adventure for children visiting Courmayeur. Not only can even they appreciate the view, but the ride will certainly be “cool” in their minds too. And a ride up the largest mountain in Europe will be something that they talk about for a while after returning home. Parents will enjoy the ride as well, for the same obvious reasons.
  • Cinema Theatre de la Ville – There is no doubt that most kids love movies and there is a great theater in Courmayeur. The theater plays everything from internationally acclaimed films to those more popular in Europe. And they are always playing something for kids. Add to that the unique, but oh so comfortable seating, and the great snack and beverage offerings, and you have the perfect evening out with the kids while you are in Courmayeur.

If you are taking your children to Courmayeur with you then you will likely be spending some time taking them skiing, but these are great ways to spend time with them when you are not skiing. And the more time you spend together, the more memories you will make in Courmayeur.