World – Class Skiing – Courmayeur Italy Style

The Courmayeur ski resort is one of the best ski resorts in Italy. It is located near the Mont Blanc, which is the highest mountain in all of Western Europe. The resort is situated at a very convenient place, since it can be accessed from Italy where it is based, Switzerland and France.

The resort has world class facilities that attract tourists from all over the world. The resort has skiing and other activities that can be done in snowy places.  The tourism in the Courmayeur is booming, due to the great climate that attracts tourists. There are times of the year when the hotels in this ski resort are fully booked, and the tourist industry is at peak.

The ski resort offers the Mont Blanc ski park, which has skiing for people of all ages. The slopes are not that steep and for this they are regarded as harmless to the children who would want to accompany their parents or other guardians on a skiing trip. The slopes are also perfect for sports like sledding and snow boarding. Due to its accessibility to Switzerland and France, the guests can purchase items from these places and keep them as memoirs. The statue of the Virgin Mary on another mountain on the Italian Alps, the Mount Chetif, is a crowd puller.

The tourists can hike this mountain and view the towns below. The sights are amazing and nature lovers are definitely going to enjoy them. There are holiday packages that are affordable to the tourists. These give the tourists the information that they need to know about the ski resort and also the hotels in the area. Tourists can then choose the areas that suit them and book the hotels that they can afford.

The hotels in this ski resort range from five star to ordinary hotels.  The Courmayeur hotels that most people stay in are; Hotel Astoria and the Grand Hotel Royal E Golf. These provide a ski bus, pleasant rooms with an outside view and the guests do not find it difficult to access the hotel because there are cable cars that take them when cars cannot be used. The hotels offer great cultural dishes from Italy as well as French and Swiss foods. The hotel Astoria has balconies for every room for visitors who would like to relax out of their rooms. This place is wonderful for anyone who loves snow games and pleasant outdoors.

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