When to book an apartment for your Courmayeur ski vacation

Book Courmayeur HotelIt may difficult to choose the Courmayeur ski resort that is best for your Mont Blanc ski vacation – – they are all great!  Courmayeur hotels come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges.  There is no shortage of choices when it comes where to spend your Courmayeur holidays.  However, there are times when you may want to choose another type of Courmayeur accommodation other than a hotel.  Sometimes it might be better to rent an apartment for your Swiss Alps ski vacation.  Renting an apartment can be a great alternative to a hotel room for several reasons.

  • Large groups – If you have a larger group or family, renting an apartment may be more cost effective than renting multiple hotel rooms.  Prices vary by size and season; however, you can usually find a suitable apartment for less than or equal to the cost of renting multiple hotel rooms.
  • More room – Even if it is just your family, having extra room for everyone to spread out and have some additional privacy is a good idea when you are staying for more than a few days.  Hotels rooms can become very cramped and tempers can become an issue when no one has any privacy.  For families apartments are a great alternative to a hotel room because parents can enjoy their evenings after kids are put to bed instead of trying to be quiet and still at 8pm when the kids are asleep in the bed next to them.
  • Kitchens – You can save money on food because you can cook and eat your meals in an apartment.  You can still eat out occasionally; however, with an apartment you are not forced to eat every meal out, as you are if you stay in a hotel room.
  • Washers and dryers – If you are staying in Courmayeur for a week or more, it is nice to have an apartment with a washer and dryer to use during your stay.  You can pack less because you are able to wash and dry your clothes at the apartment.  In a hotel, you would have to pay for laundry service if needed during your stay.

For a listing of all Courmayeur accommodation choices, check our hotels page.  We have travel deals and discounts for most Courmayeur hotels and ski resorts.

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