Visit Courmayeur, Italy for the Food and the Skiing

CourmayeurEven though people typically think of visiting Courmayeur for the skiing and other outdoor sports, it is a known fact that you will be hard-pressed to find any better Italian cuisine than in this quaint village. You will need to eat good to nourish your body and give it energy for all of the skiing and rock climbing you’ll be doing anyway.

In the many bars, lounges and restaurants available, you will find customer-driven staff. These people strive to make your visit satisfying and fulfilling. Customer reviews express strong gratitude for the level of high quality they received during their visit.

You can find Old World Italian dining as well as a modern range of delicious foods in the many restaurants in Courmayeur. Along with the typical Italian flavors, rich with peppers, garlic, onions and tomatoes, savory sauces that make your mouth water at the thought, you will also find rustic, unique options.

Don’t leave Courmayeur, Italy, without trying the various delicious dishes that can be found. Visit La Terrazza for an authentic Italian atmosphere, rich with elegant scents and flavors. Dine indoors or outdoors on a plaza that offers a beautiful mountain view. Or you can choose Alpetta, where you will enjoy a simple and rustic experience while you are out skiing. This is one of the restaurants that is not in the heart of Courmayeur but is placed strategically for the use of skiers. The food is delicious and authentic Italian.

These are two examples of the wondrous foods of Italy, on full display in Courmayeur. Don’t forget that when you dine in Italy, your tip is included in the charge. You can add more if you feel your service has been outstanding. Don’t forget to keep your receipt. You may need it to show you paid for your food and that you were charged appropriately.

The food in Courmayeur, Italy, is second to none. The rich flavors, spices and tastes will let you know you are in Italy, while the unique atmosphere provides a different experience than one you would have had visiting some of the larger tourist attractions, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Florence Cathedral. Make a stop in Courmayeur for your skiing and dining pleasure on your next trip though Italy.

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