To Experience The Swiss Alps Right, Courmayeur Is The Place To Go

Courmayeur ski resortThere are mountains and slopes all over the world for skiing but none are as beautiful and popular as the Swiss Alps. When you hear somebody say they just skied the Alps, chances are this is where they were. The Graian Alps are the most popular for all skiers and can even be accessed from Courmayeur Italy,

Imagine combining not only the best skiing event possible, but enjoying beauty of both Italy and Switzerland. This is the kind of place that dream honeymoons and family vacations are made of. Start your downhill experience in a town of 3,000 you’ll notice the closeness of the Courmayeur Ski Resort community. Everyone is made to feel right at home and with such a small population, you’ll find the slopes aren’t overcrowded like other ski resorts.

There Is More Than Just Skiing To Had

In addition to the open slopes for your skiing pleasure, the Courmayeur hotels are conveniently situated so that you can enjoy all the other things this small town has to offer. It won’t take you long to realize the Graian Alps have not only a breathtaking natural view of Mont Blanc, but other ski resorts as well and plenty of places for your dining dollar.

Every Courmayeur ski resort and Courmayeur hotels have a staff that is here to serve you and provide you the information you need for your visit. You can call ahead and they will handle your trip’s details prior to arriving if you aren’t sure of what there is to do. There is doubt about it, Courmayeur Italy is the most popular ski destination in the world but that is not for lack of great skiing. The town is no doubt a smaller ski town, but it also definitely a place that you can go for a ski vacation that will leave you lasting memories.

While Courmayeur Italy is known for its skiing with the Graian Alps and Mont Blanc, there is rich history here too. Tourists are encouraged to visit the historical sights and learn what this area is all about. What your travel agent may not know, the staff of your hotel is sure to fill you in and send you on your way to adventure and excitement.

Ski Switzerland Style and Dine Italian Style

A trip to Courmayeur Italy gets you the best of both worlds. Spend your day hiking up or skiing down the Italian side of the Swiss Alp. Then spend your evening sipping Italian wines and dining on some of the most fabulous foods you’ll ever eat. No matter your choice of day time activity, you’re sure to enjoy one of the most spectacular views during and afterward

Don’t Forget Your Souvenirs

Courmayeur is known for wonderful shops to find the most select souvenirs and a few things for yourself as well. There are some of the most affordable and unique local wares in the shops in and around Courmayeur.

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