Tips for traveling with teens in Courmayeur

Tips for traveling with teens in CourmayeurIf you are planning a Courmayeur ski resort vacation with your teens, you may want to think about how you can make the trip better.  A vacation to ski Mont Blanc sounds perfect; however, when you travel with teens you are never guaranteed a perfect trip.  By nature, teens are moody, unpredictable and difficult; however, they are also bright, funny, entertaining and immensely enjoyable.  With just a little extra planning, your stay in one of the great Courmayeur hotels can be an exciting adventure for both you and your teens.

Tips for traveling with teens

  • Ask for your teen’s input and suggestions about what they would like to do on vacation.  Consider his or her interests and passions when making your vacation plans.  Smaller children are generally happy simply being on vacation; however, your teen is more like you – – they desire to do things that interest them too.
  • Because your teen has far more responsibilities than when they were younger, consider their schedules when planning your vacation.  You would not be particularly thrilled with your spouse if he or she planned a family vacation during your busiest time at work. Consider your teen’s schedule and responsibilities before announcing a family vacation.
  • Give your teen some spending money.  Allowing teens to be able to purchase their own souvenirs or pay for a second zip line ride allows them to enjoy the vacation a little more.
  • Plan downtime and allow them to have their own space.  When choosing your accommodations, make sure that you choose a hotel that has extra large rooms or suites that allow teens some alone time to stay in touch with friends or simply unwind.  This is important for teens and will make your vacation much more enjoyable for everyone.
  • You may want to allow your teen to take a friend, especially if your teen is an only child.  Having a friend to share the experience with will make it much more enjoyable than spending all of the time with the “parental figures.”
  • Talk about rules before you travel.  Since you will be traveling to another country, there may be special rules and considerations that will apply. Discuss your expectations with your teens before you leave home so there is no question about how you expect them to behave and the rules, which you will follow on vacation.

Traveling to Courmayeur with your teens will be an adventure that you remember for a lifetime. Take the time to plan in advance for a great vacation experience.

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