The Glittering Courmayeur Tourism

It is no secret that ski resorts have raised to prominence as major tourist attractions. A location close to the Alps makes the whole tour prospect more attractive. There is no doubt of the extent a town can reach if it combines both factors. Located at the foot of Mount Blanc, Courmayeur is undoubtedly one of Switzerland’s most renowned ski resorts. It has the combination of what can be considered vital for the success of any tourist destination. It has the perfect blend of attraction variety, necessary amenities and facilities, and a strategic location. All these combine to make this destination a force to reckon with along the Swiss Alps. 

The location of Courmayeur makes it easily accessible from Geneva, Milan and Chamonix. This makes it possible for thousands to stream in from different parts around the town. The fact that the weather is favorable for most part of the year makes it possible for it to record continuous and consistent influx throughout the year. These factors combine to make Courmayeur a popular Alpine tourist destination as evident by the high tourist figures. Of course these are just the factors that facilitate Courmayeur tourism. The attractions that people come here for are vast and intriguing. Ski, hiking, shopping and other adventurers are the attractions that draw thousands annually to this fascinating ski resort.

Since this is an Alpine ski resort, skiing will be the main activity. There are ski parks that are safe for any skill level or age. This means that everybody ranging from adults to children and professionals to amateurs have a chance. During family holidays, the children can indulge themselves in sledding, snowboarding or skiing. Mount Chetif is a hiker friendly mountain that can be used by those hike lovers. The peak of this town will give you a breathtaking view and it has a Virgin Mary statue. One can also go shopping for souvenirs as another part of their Courmayeur adventure.

The quality of accommodation should never be an issue as this is well taken care of. There are certain Courmayeur holiday packages that provide cheap airline tickets and accommodation. The hotels are not only affordable but of world class stature. There will always be a hotel that suits the preference of any tourist. One should never let a chance of visiting this resort town pass. One should snatch every opportunity they get and make the most of it.

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    Is Courmayeur in Italy?

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    Yes! Courmayeur is in Italy.

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