The best time to visit Courmayeur is every season of the year.

CourmayeurNaturally, when you hear about the little Italian ski city Courmayeur, you would assume that is best to visit during the winter season, since is fairly renewed by its popular ski center settled in the foot of the awe inspiring Mont Blanc covered with sleek layer of snow. Even though, during the winter season Courmayeur is in its bloom, awash with tourists, ski enthusiasts, enchanting scenery of the snowy mountains, the most amazing skyline and crowded with people who strive to embrace the dazzling charm of the little country village, other seasons has as much to offer.

Winter season officially opens in the mid of December and lasts till the end of April. When the snow begins to slowly melt and you can see the display of lush greenery over the Mont Blanc; that means spring has arrived in the 17th Century village country with magnificent character. Spring season in Courmayeur is tranquil, peaceful and perfect for family vacations or weekend getaways. If you are the kind of person who would rather skip crowds and embrace the peace of the mountains, then you are perfect fit for Courmayeur in spring. One might think “Why should I go to a ski resort center when there will be no skinning involved?  “Well, in Courmayeur during spring you might not get to ski or snowboard, but you will be able to try some of the plenty outdoor activities such as: hiking, biking, mountain climbing, fishing or even golfing, sounds appealing, right? –And, it gets better, when you’ll finish hiking you can take a break and reward your palate in some of the many restaurants and taste some traditional cuisine, so you can assure by yourself why the Italian cuisine is one the best in the world. Meanwhile, you will be able to meet and enjoy really friendly and polite locals, popular by their typical Italian vibrant spirit.

Summer in Courmayeur is utterly delightful, since you can enjoy the goods of the sun without getting too hot, since there is a nice fresh mountain breeze. Summer in Courmayeur is not much different from spring, only the sun is much sharper and you can get a quality sunbath while enjoying the view of the captivating peak of Mont Blanc, which is one the main attractions of the charming little village. Naturally, summer is for swimming and you can also enjoy swimming in some of the resort’s outdoor and indoor pools.

But, if you want to be a part of the nature artistic metharposis and enjoy spectrum of warm colors then you ought to visit Courmayeur in fall. During fall you can truly enjoy romantic sightseeing of Mont Blanc and grasp at the tranquil breath of mountain, or rent a bike and do some mount biking.  So, visit Courmayeur during any season of the year and see by yourself that this charming country village is as beautiful and amazing every day in the year.

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