The Beauty of Courmayeur

CourmayeurCourmayeur is just one of the best places Italy has. It is known to be one of the best skiing villages here. With its great scenery and charm, no wonder why it topped as the best skiing place in the country.

There are a lot of things you can see at Courmayeur. From the activities you can do down to the places you can stay, everything in here is simply amazing. The beauty of Courmayeur is truly extraordinary. With its simple yet attractive views despite of decades have had passed, its original view remained intact making every tourist wanting to stay for more.

The foods and hotels too are also among the beauty Courmayeur has. With the great and delish food served in the place plus those comfortable and cost effective hotel accommodations, perfect stay is what you can get out of visiting this specific place of Italy, definitely.

It is much more interesting to know exactly what are, makes the beauty of Courmayeur and keeping it outstanding for long. And by reading further this article, you will get to know what these are.

Alps and Mountains

Alps and mountains are very common to places alike. And in Italy, if you are looking for wonderful view of these, Courmayeur has it all. From the views itself to a place where you can do skiing, snowboarding, and alike, you know that you are in the right place when you choose to stay in here other than the rest.

Graian Alps and Mont Blanc are just one of the famous attractions you can view at Courmayeur and the ones making it in fame. Yes, these two are just some of the beauties the place has.


Courmayeur, from the nature of its ambiance, there are several activities can be done in this place. Activities for adults like snowboarding, cross country skiing, snow sports such as snow hiking, ice skating, and hockey, are very much available in this place and that you can do it anytime.

If traveling here with kids, you can expose them to activities specially made for them. These activities are taught from the centers the place has which are the Ski school and Sport Center. These centers take good care of your children apart from the lessons taught in here and introducing them to activities they can do in the place for their age.


Aside from activities and attractions Courmayeur has, you can also enjoy the place with its luxurious services it offers. From hotel accommodation to the foods they cater, you can really enjoy your stay. There are plenty of hotels where you can book your vacation at Courmayeur. Depending on the ambiance you like and so as the availability of amenities you are looking for, you won’t regret of choosing the village indeed.

Spa, on the other hand, is among the luxurious services offered in most hotels of Courmayeur. Whether you have just arrived from a long trip or just want to relax by taking such service, you can have that service in instant. Further than that, sauna too is also available which is perfect for the weather indeed.

If you love shopping, you can feed your cravings over it here too. With the over thirty shops available in the place, satisfying your love for shopping can be done in here. From clothing down to souvenirs, sky is the limit.


From the ambiance of the place down to luxurious stuff you can avail at Courmayeur, one of the advantages you should not miss during your stay here is its special occasions that are done annually and even those events done on special dates.

What makes it different from other places is that each event that is celebrated is done uniquely. Among those events is the New Year which is celebrated every 30th of December. The event takes place with a show in which instructors from the ski school ski down the mountain while holding lit torches with them.

The place also celebrates Festival of the Ski Instructor in which the party takes place every 1st week of February. This event is celebrated with food and drinks, and the instructors take part in entertaining races which would really make the occasion a really must see. There are more events are celebrated yearly at Courmayeur which definitely you get to enjoy either you go for an adventure or just enjoy the scene of the place.

Italy is a great place to visit. But if you are looking for something new that would help you ease what you have been going through at home, Courmayeur is the answer. May you be here for an activity or just to relax, you know that everything you do in this place is all worth it.

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