Summer Adventures in Courmayeur

There is no doubt that Courmayeur Italy is mostly known as a world class ski destination, but some people who visit Courmayeur go there for more reasons that to just ski.  In fact, some visitors to the beautiful ski resort town do not even visit during the winter, and some are pleasantly surprised to find out that there is much adventure to be offered during the summer months in Courmayeur. 

The fact is, mountains as diverse in terrain as the Italian Alps, have a list of adventure offerings just as diverse.  Each opportunity to explore the breathtaking natural surroundings that characterize Courmayeur should be taken advantage of, and in order to do that, a summer trip will be necessary.  If you are so lucky to have that opportunity, then there are a few adventures specifically that you will want to put at the top of your list, because although you can experience similar adventures elsewhere, they will be particularly special in Courmayeur.

  • Horseback Riding – Horseback riding is an exciting adventure no matter where you go to do it, but when the scenery is as breathtaking as that you will be presented with in Courmayeur it is a special experience.  Being that the terrain greatly varies, this is an adventure that can be suitable for almost anyone.  Guides are available that can take you to all of the best places, where you can find the best views of Courmayeur.
  • Mountain Biking – Mountain biking is another exciting summer activity, and what makes this really exciting is the fact that you will have the opportunity to venture out and explore on your own.  There are plenty of spots throughout the town and the mountains that offer only mild to moderate difficulty biking opportunities, so this is another adventure that almost anybody can participate in.
  • Paragliding – Although paragliding is a little more difficult and will require some lessons before you participate in a paragliding adventure, it is an adventure well worth planning for.  This is by far the best way to see the mesmerizing Italian Alps, and a way to get a very unique view of Mont Blanc.  All you have to do is go to Courmayeur prepared and the adventure will already be waiting there.

To be sure, a trip to Courmayeur in the winter will be well worth your while, but the adventures offered in the summer will also leave memories that will not fade for a very long time.

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