Skiing Tips for Beginners

Courmayeur Ski ResortAre you planning to travel to Courmayeur to have your first ever skiing experience? Courmayeur is a good choice for you to try skiing for the first time, especially if you will be going there with your partner. It is a romantic place to spend your vacation with your loved one while learning how to ski. However, before you engage into this exciting sport, you must first take note the following tips:

  1. Spend on necessary additional equipment such as protective eyewear, nylon pants, helmets, etc. These additional equipment are essential for your safety.
  2. Choose a ski suited for your size and skill. Larger skis are faster and more difficult to use. Therefore, make sure to choose the right ski for you. You must ask for some help from a professional at the ski store.
  3. Always wear comfortable boots. Even in other sports, you must always wear comfortable footwear. You cannot properly execute the sport if you are not comfortable with what you wear. Wearing boots not your size may also increase the risk for injuries.
  4. Choose gloves with pockets. Those pockets are for hand warmers to keep your hands from being cold.
  5. Buy a jacket with lots of pockets. Those pockets are where you will place your gears. It should also be both waterproof and windproof.
  6. Secure a ski hat. It is important to wear a hat while you are not wearing your helmet. Always keep your head warm to help you maintain the warm temperature of your whole body.
  7. Bring hand and boot warmers. You can buy both warmers at ski stores. You don’t have to worry on the additional cost for hand warmers because they are affordable and will warm your fingers for several hours. On the other hand, boot warmers can be immediately installed and are available in many ski stores.
  8. Apply a sunscreen and a lip balm or moisturizer. It is essential to protect your skin and lips even in cloudy days. Always use a sunscreen or lip balm each time you go outdoors.
  9. Get a walkie-talkie. If you will go skiing with your family and friends, and unintentionally took a separate trail, walkie-talkies can help you find your group if you are separated from them.
  10. Have a regular exercise prior to learning how to ski. It is important that you are physically fit to do the sport before you start engaging on it. Make sure to build up some muscles to help you control the ski to avoid injuries. Your safety is more important than the experience and enjoyment you will get from doing the sport.

Once you arrive at your ski resort, make sure that you will be trained by a professional trainer. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on your first try. This sport requires a lot of patience and hard work. Have fun skiing!

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