Relax In the Alpine Town Of Courmayeur Italy

With Courmayeur being located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, this town provides easy access for skiers looking for the slopes. However, Courmayeur is also a great destination in its own right and if you are looking for somewhere to relax and unwind, this destination will not let you down.

There are a number of great sight-seeing destinations in Courmayeur but these are the main areas you will want to visit if you are spending any time in the region.

Spa Days

The use of spas as a relaxation tool can be traced back to Roman times and the people of Italy have been flocking to Courmayeur for centuries. This is down to the natural waters in the area which provide the perfect opportunity for spas to provide rest and relaxation all guests. A great number of hotels in the Courmayeur region will have spas on their own but the biggest and most well-known spa in the area is the Pre Saint Didier. This thermal bath complex is found a mere five kilometres from the heart of Courmayeur and it is the place to be.

The spa received a massive refurbishment in 2005 and ever since then it has been the number one place to visit to enjoy massages, mud therapy sessions and steam baths. With a number of outdoor pools, you can relax while getting a stunning view of the mountains that surround the local area.


No matter how long you are staying in the region, you need to find the time to visit a number of the local restaurants. If you are in Courmayeur for a day trip, you are recommended to stop in at the Christiana for lunch. This is an extremely popular restaurant and it boasts of making the finest thin-crisp pizzas you can find in the Alps. This is quite a claim but the general consensus is that they are able to match this boast and the prices fare very well in comparison to many of the other restaurants in the local area. When the sun is shining, this is the perfect location to enjoy some fine dining and get on with the important activity of people watching.

It is not as if this is the only recommended restaurant in the region though. The Cadran Solaire provides fantastic seasonal regional fare in a setting that is very atmospheric. A major plus point of this restaurant is the fact that the building can be traced back to the 16th century, providing you with a link to the history of Courmayeur. Some other great restaurants in the local area include La Palud, the Pizzeria Du Tunnel and Pierre Alexis 1877.

Chiecco is also a great example of the famous cuisine that Courmayeur is famous for and this restaurant, which is found on a mountainside, is a massive hit with locals and tourists. As you may expect, it is far from being the cheapest restaurant you will enjoy on your travels but the quality of food on offer will be well worth the price.

Grab a drink or a coffee to relax

There are also a number of fantastic bars and coffee houses in the area for you to relax in. The Bar Roma is probably the best known bar on the famous Via Roma. The pedestrianized streets of Courmayeur provide the perfect setting to take a stroll while looking at the many designer boutiques that are available in the region. Anyone looking to party into the small hours are recommended to jump into a taxi and head to Chamonix, where there is a much livelier nightclub scene.

As well as being located close to a number of great ski runs, you will also find that there are many hiking and walking trails to enjoy. No matter what sort of exercise and activity you are looking for in Courmayeur, you should find that you are able to make the most of your trip.

Given its close proximity to Mont Blanc and the Alps, if you are heading to Courmayeur, there is every chance you will fly in and out of Geneva Airport. To ensure you make the most of your trip, it would make sense to pre-book your Geneva to Courmayeur transfers. If you are looking to relax as much as possible on this break, start your trip in the right way by being picked up at the airport in comfort and style.

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