Planning your next Courmayeur Italy family vacation

Planning your next Courmayeur Italy family vacationStart planning your next Courmayeur Switzerland family vacation right now.  It may sound like a crazy idea if you have just gotten back from your summer vacation; however, planning for next summer is a great way to stay excited about spending time together as a family and is a great way to battle those winter blahs later this year.  In addition, planning your vacation this far in advance helps you figure out the best way to pay for your vacation and gives you time to tweak your vacation budget as needed.  The hardest part of vacation planning is coming up with the money to pay for the trip.  This can create a lot of stress for families; however, by beginning early you can find ways to pay for your next family vacation without busting the bank or breaking your budget.

First, make your vacation budget an expense item.  Add it onto your monthly list of household expenses so that you can begin to save a little each month.  The best way to save vacation money is to have it deposited to a special savings account directly from your paycheck.  It is much easier to save money if it never goes into your pocket or bank account.  If your employer does not offer direct deposit, set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to the savings account for the same day as you deposit your check.  This will keep you from spending the money you have budgeted for a family vacation.

The other way you can save for a vacation is by making it a family project.  Get everyone involved by making a “vacation club” container for loose change, holding a garage sale, selling things online or working small part-time jobs to save money.  For older children, allow them to pick an activity that they are really excited about doing and then give them ideas about how they can earn and save up the money to pay for the family to do that activity.  When they have something to work toward, it gives them an attainable goal and helps them to dedicate more time and energy to reach that goal.

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