Planning a Courmayeur destination wedding

Planning a Courmayeur destination weddingCourmayeur ski resort is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds; however, have you ever thought about getting married there?  Getting married with views of Mont Blanc in the background would definitely make a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos.  After the wedding, you and your new spouse could enjoy a wonderful Mont Blanc ski vacation with your family and friends.  Planning a destination wedding is much like planning a regular wedding with a few differences.

As with a regular wedding, planning is everything.  Most brides spend months or even years planning the perfect wedding.  When you are planning a destination wedding, you must begin early.  Traveling abroad takes a lot of advance planning and your guests will need much more time to plan a trip than to hold a few hours for your wedding at home.  Passports, time off from work, airfare, etc. are all things that they must secure in order to share your happy day.  Talk to the friends and family you want to be there with you for the wedding and try to pick a date that will accommodate everyone (or at least those that you cannot get married without).  Send out “save-the-date” cards immediately with a note that more details will follow soon.

If possible, choose a venue that has a wedding coordinator to help you with the details.  Most hotels will allow the bride and groom to reserve a group of rooms at a discounted price allowing guests to receive a discount.  However, when you are planning your destination wedding, you should provide guests with several hotel options in varying price ranges that will accommodate different budgets.  If possible, choose a venue that is centrally located and easy to get to from each of the various hotel options.

Put together a packet of information for each guest that includes information regarding transportation (both to Courmayeur and once they arrive in Courmayeur), hotels, restaurants and travel requirements (passports, traveling documents, etc.).  Giving your guests as much information about the destination as you can and what to expect will help them prepare well in advance.  This is important when you are asking guests to travel a long distance for your wedding.

Finally, remember that your guests are there to share your special day; however, this is likely a vacation for them as well as your wedding.  Gather information about things to do in Courmayeur, places to eat in Courmayeur and Courmayeur attractions.  A special “arrival” package for guests is a thoughtful touch but give it to them in advance of your wedding so guests can use the helping information to plan their time in Courmayeur.

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