Guide to Courmayeur Hotels

Hotels in Courmayeur are always full. People book very early. Such is the craze for this ski paradise. If you badly want a taste of it, here are a few hotels you can book.

Ever been to Courmayeur? It’s North Italy’s favorite resort town and is situated right at the base of Western Europe’s highest mountain range, Mont Blanc. The place is easily accessible from major towns in Europe such as Geneva in Switzerland, Chamonix in France and Milan in Italy. The weather in Courmayeur is a blessing from the heavens. No matter when you visit, you will never be disappointed. That’s why it is a beloved place for many tourists both local and foreign. If you’re planning to book accommodation in any of the Courmayeur hotels, you got to act fast. Avoid peak season rush.

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Guide to Courmayeur Ski Resort

The Courmayeur is one of the best places for enjoying ski activities during your holidays. The Courmayeur is one of the well-known resorts in the Monte Blanc’s shadows. Courmayeur was established in the seventeenth century on top of Aosta Valley as a spa village. You can find narrow streets in this village. The Courmayeur ski resort is classified into three main categories namely Dolonne, Courmayeur and Entreves.  The village is characterized by well-preserved buildings and traffic free streets.

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