The Glittering Courmayeur Tourism

It is no secret that ski resorts have raised to prominence as major tourist attractions. A location close to the Alps makes the whole tour prospect more attractive. There is no doubt of the extent a town can reach if it combines both factors. Located at the foot of Mount Blanc, Courmayeur is undoubtedly one of Switzerland’s most renowned ski resorts. It has the combination of what can be considered vital for the success of any tourist destination. It has the perfect blend of attraction variety, necessary amenities and facilities, and a strategic location. All these combine to make this destination a force to reckon with along the Swiss Alps.  Continue reading

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A Romantic Italian Holiday in Courmayeur

There is very little you have to do to inspire romance on a holiday in Italy, as just being there alone will surely make you feel the romance, but a little extra romance never hurts.  In Courmayeur Italy romance is surely in the air, with the breathtaking scenery that will surround you and the wonderful Italian charm that can be found in everything and everyone Italian.  But when you holiday in Courmayeur with the one you love you will want a little romance on a more personal, private level as well.  Other than simply getting to Courmayeur, there are a few things that you can do to enhance the romantic Italian holiday experience, and three things in particular that you need to do that. Continue reading

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Italy’s Hidden Jewel – Mont Blanc

Italy is the home top one of the best spots to ski in Europe. Strategically placed in Northern Italy, Courmayeur is probably the best destination around Mont Blanc. This ski resort town enjoys a tremendous influx of ski and adventure tourists yearly. It’s probably its proximity and strategic placement to Geneva, Milan and Chamonix that significantly contributes to this flow. This does not mean that there are no other reasons that are of significance towards the success of this tourist destination. Hospitality, sporting and leisure events can also be credited to have played a vital role in the success of this region.

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