Courmayeur – Winter and Summer Destination

Courmayeur, Italy the small resort village is one of the best-known in Europe and draws visitors round the year. In the summer months, the Botanical Gardens nearby take their place as the highest botanical gardens in the world, but it’s the winter-time that most people come here for. If you want to enjoy a fantastic skiing or snowboarding holiday or want to have a bit of snow-filled fun off your skis, then don’t worry, there is plenty for you too! Courmayeur is located in the northern part of Italy, at the foot of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe. The town shares the administration of the mountain with its French neighbors St Gervais Mont Blanc, who can actually claim the title of “highest town in Europe”. During the winter months, Courmayeur is known for its fantastic skiing and it shares glacial ski access of the Vallee Blanche with another French neighbor  Chamonix. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, you can also try a great array of skiing opportunities and major off-piste routes that are accessible with the help of a guide. Continue reading

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Summer Adventures in Courmayeur

There is no doubt that Courmayeur Italy is mostly known as a world class ski destination, but some people who visit Courmayeur go there for more reasons that to just ski.  In fact, some visitors to the beautiful ski resort town do not even visit during the winter, and some are pleasantly surprised to find out that there is much adventure to be offered during the summer months in Courmayeur.  Continue reading

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Cultural Events to Attend in Courmayeur

While there is no doubt that you will have no trouble finding something to do during your stay in Courmayeur, as the Italian Alps offer plenty of opportunity.  But on any vacation anywhere it is always exciting to explore the culture of the people who live there as well.  Most cities that are major travel destinations host a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year, so regardless of when you decide to visit Courmayeur you will likely find an event to attend in addition to having all the Alpine activities to enjoy.   A list of a few of the best will help you decide exactly when you want to plan your trip for. Continue reading

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