That’s Right – You Can Golf at Courmayeur

Golf at CourmayeurCourmayeur is an Italian resort village that has developed a fine reputation for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.  It is, after all, located on the Italian side of the base of Mont Blanc.  Most people associate this beautiful peak with France and the ski resort at Chamonix, but with almost 65 miles (100 kilometers) of pistes, Courmayeur offers just as much as Chamonix.  Some of its visitors might even say that Courmayeur is better than Chamonix – it’s sunnier, the pace is less hectic, and the crowds are smaller. Continue reading

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Multigenerational travel tips for a great vacation

Multigenerational travel tips for a great vacationThere was a time when we would all pile in our parents’ car and head to our grandparents house for vacation.  The week would be spent playing outside, splashing in a creek and catching fireflies at night.  However, times have changed and vacations today are much different than they were when I was a child.  Today, vacations include exotic locals and often include grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, teens, tweens and toddlers.  Finding a common ground for so many different age differences at home is a challenge but when you add to the fact that you are in an exotic location or a strange city it can be overwhelming.  However, with a little planning and a lot of understanding, you can have a great vacation with multiple generations. Continue reading

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Planning your next Courmayeur Italy family vacation

Planning your next Courmayeur Italy family vacationStart planning your next Courmayeur Switzerland family vacation right now.  It may sound like a crazy idea if you have just gotten back from your summer vacation; however, planning for next summer is a great way to stay excited about spending time together as a family and is a great way to battle those winter blahs later this year.  In addition, planning your vacation this far in advance helps you figure out the best way to pay for your vacation and gives you time to tweak your vacation budget as needed.  The hardest part of vacation planning is coming up with the money to pay for the trip.  This can create a lot of stress for families; however, by beginning early you can find ways to pay for your next family vacation without busting the bank or breaking your budget. Continue reading

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