There Are Many Options Of Activities At A Courmayeur Ski Resort

At one time, Courmayeur was nothing more than a small Italian village with two churches high atop of Mont Blanc. But once two men accomplished climbing the famous mountain in 1786, Courmayeur was put on the map and quickly became famous as the climbing capital of Italy. Much has happened over the years since then to create the Courmayeur ski resort that is so popular today.

Mention Courmayeur Italy among a crowd of travelers and they will begin talking about the Graian Alps and Mont Blanc, and the wonderful skiing that is there. Courmayeur has become one of the world’s most popular destinations as a ski resort and is gaining more popularity each year. And it isn’t just the skiing that people come to Courmayeur for either, but other winter activities that are all around too.

With so many people heading to Courmayeur ski resort for holidays and vacations, does this mean you’ll have a hard time getting around the village? Not at all!  There are several different options to Courmayeur ski lifts, from the traditional ski lift to newer options. There are plenty of ways to get from the bottom of Mount Blanc to the top so that you can take that thrilling way down, or stay at the top for a bit and enjoy the view as you dine.

The Chair Lifts: The most common of all modes of travel up the mountains are the chair lifts. More ski enthusiasts prefer this traditional way and novice skiers expect them when they first arrive at a Courmayeur ski resort.  The experts at snow skiing feel these are the easiest ways to maneuver around Courmayeur when you’re totting your skis and other equipment around. Additionally, the view you’ll have of the Swiss Alps with Mont Blanc in the forefront, will give you a view of Courmayeur that has come right of a picture.

The Cable Car Lifts: Traveling by cable car lifts may sound odd to first time traveler to Courmayeur, but this system is a common mode of getting around for those who stay at the large Courmayeur ski resort cabins. You are attached to cables and then propelled up the mountain. More people are able to get up the mountain at one time than the traditional ski lift method and this keeps the waiting lines down. They are also usually enclosed, something that ski enthusiasts really like.

The Gondola Lifts: Gondola lifts are much like similar to the cable car lift at any Courmayeur ski resort, with an enclosed car for passengers to ride in to their specific area destination. The difference being is a gondola is smaller than the cable cars, which is why you will only find a few of these at around any Courmayeur ski resort.

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