Italy’s Hidden Jewel – Mont Blanc

Italy is the home top one of the best spots to ski in Europe. Strategically placed in Northern Italy, Courmayeur is probably the best destination around Mont Blanc. This ski resort town enjoys a tremendous influx of ski and adventure tourists yearly. It’s probably its proximity and strategic placement to Geneva, Milan and Chamonix that significantly contributes to this flow. This does not mean that there are no other reasons that are of significance towards the success of this tourist destination. Hospitality, sporting and leisure events can also be credited to have played a vital role in the success of this region.

The diversity of entertainment that visitors are treated with during their stay is tremendous. Skiing remains to be one of the most occupying activities though people have other fun activities that they can engage in. Hiking is one of the other activities that one can enjoy during their Courmayeur stay. There are numerous hiker-friendly sections of the mount Chetif that one can have fun if they are the hiking type. Possibilities are unlimited for those who neither enjoy hiking nor ski sports. One can participate in buying souvenirs that are from the neighboring regions of Italy or France. The mouthwatering cuisine in the region can also be enough reason for one to look for permanent residence in Courmayeur.

The record high numbers of tourists visiting the town means that the demand for accommodation is usually high most of the times. During the peak seasons, most of the resorts and Courmayeur hotels are booked to capacity. This is an obvious evidence of the level of importance that tourism is carried with in this region. The ski spots are also made in such a way that they are fit for all members of the society. Kids can have fun in the areas that are safely reserved for them. Whether its sledding, skiing or snowboarding one can have a share of their favorite ski sport under professional’s supervision.

There are times of the year when the pressure on accommodation is high. During the peak season, most resorts and hotels are fully booked. Courmayeur Ski Resort helps you with such concerns. At Courmayeur Ski Resort we ensure that you get accommodation at the best rates. This is possible by the packages that are on offer. Other than accommodation, there are other packages that give cheap airfares to Italy. The objective of Courmayeur Ski Resort is to ensure that you have a delightful stay in Courmayeur.

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