Guide to Courmayeur Ski Resort

The Courmayeur is one of the best places for enjoying ski activities during your holidays. The Courmayeur is one of the well-known resorts in the Monte Blanc’s shadows. Courmayeur was established in the seventeenth century on top of Aosta Valley as a spa village. You can find narrow streets in this village. The Courmayeur ski resort is classified into three main categories namely Dolonne, Courmayeur and Entreves.  The village is characterized by well-preserved buildings and traffic free streets.

Why People Prefer Courmayeur?

It offers amazing ski activities for people across the world. People from across the world first reach Geneva Airport and chooses road transport to arrive at Courmayeur. People can make use of cable cars to reach the Plan Checrouit for participating in skiing activities. It is one of the best and safe places for skiing activities. The slopes vary between 1700 meters and 2250 meters. It offers good skiing opportunities both in mid and early seasons. Travelers can find guides in the area to explore off-piste. The skiing season begins in Mid-December and ends in mid-April.

Beautiful Sceneries

Travelers can enjoy stunning sceneries of the Courmayeur from highest points at Cresta Youla and Cresta d’Arp. People can enjoy pleasant walking in Courmayeur.

Where to Stay in Courmayeur?

You can find 3 star and 4 and 5 star hotels for comfortable stay in Courmayeur. The 4 star hotels for comfortable stay include Royal e Golf, Hotel Pavilion, Romantik Hotel Villa Novecento and Cresta e Duc. The 3 star hotels available for comfortable stay include Hotel Courmayeur, Hotel Bouton d’Or, Hotel Berthod, Le Grand Chalet Apartments and Dei Camosci.

Hotel Cresta e Duc offers excellent food, accommodation and service for guests in Courmayeur. The guests will receive friendly service at Hotel Courtmayeur. Some of the recently established apartments in the region also provide good food, accommodation and service for travelers.

Restaurants and Bars in Courmayeur

Tourists in Courmayeur can enjoy great food at one of the fine restaurants. People are advised advanced reservation at these restaurants during weekends. The hotels boasts cozy ambiance with nicely arranged and decorated furniture.

Some of the hotels available in Courmayeur include Vieux pommier, I’Etoile, Ristorente lo Sciatore, Cadran Solaire, Mon Frety, La Terrazza, Al Vecchio Torchio, La Tavernier del Pilier in Entreves, La Maison de Filippo in Entreves, l’Ermitage in Ermitage and Miravalle in Val Ferret. Guests can also enjoy night life at few of the night clubs in Courmayeur. The Courmayeur ski resort is one of the best places in the world to enjoy real ski sports.

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