Guide to Courmayeur Hotels

Hotels in Courmayeur are always full. People book very early. Such is the craze for this ski paradise. If you badly want a taste of it, here are a few hotels you can book.

Ever been to Courmayeur? It’s North Italy’s favorite resort town and is situated right at the base of Western Europe’s highest mountain range, Mont Blanc. The place is easily accessible from major towns in Europe such as Geneva in Switzerland, Chamonix in France and Milan in Italy. The weather in Courmayeur is a blessing from the heavens. No matter when you visit, you will never be disappointed. That’s why it is a beloved place for many tourists both local and foreign. If you’re planning to book accommodation in any of the Courmayeur hotels, you got to act fast. Avoid peak season rush.

Why Courmayeur?

Experience the thrills of skiing like never before! Courmayeur is the place to be for those who love skiing. Participate in enthralling snow adventures and devour delectable cuisines. The choice of foods will really make you drool. Courmayeur ski/Mont Blanc ski are for all levels of skiers. You may be a ski aspirant or a professional; whatever you are, you will love the Courmayeur. After all it’s one of the best ski holiday destinations in the world. Why only ski? You can skateboard and sled on the snow-capped slopes too! Apart from Blanc, you must try Mount Chetif.

This hiker’s paradise is famous for exquisite and enchanting views of the mountains and also hosts the famous statue of Virgin Mary looking passionately over Courmayeur.

Courmayeur Accommodation and Hotels

Get yourself a holiday now and surprise your family with slopes of snow and lots of happiness. If you book early, you can get amazing discounts.

Hotel Astoria

It’s a mountain-style hotel offering free parking facility. Located adjacent to the Funivie Monte Bianco cable car, Hotel Astoria is only 2 miles from the heart of Courmayeur. The hotel has got wood and carpet flooring, a desire for many. You get a private balcony for the constant snowy views. You can find internet on the lobby. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Grand Hotel Royal E Golf – Free ski bus, free parking, rooms with television, mini bar and private bathroom – these are the features of this hotel. The restaurant provides both classic as well as regional Italian cuisines. A major attraction is the cosy piano bar. A gym, Turkish bath, and a sauna are also available. After a day’s snow, it feels awesome to dive into the heated outside pool.

There are other Courmayeur hotels available as well. Book early. Enjoy more.

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