Essentials for runners on Mont Blanc

Essentials for runners on Mont BlancCourmayeur ski resort might attract skiers more than runners; however, for those who are dedicated to running and do not want to give up one day without a good run, they will find plenty of wonderful mountain trails to run in Courmayeur.  Running on Mont Blanc mountain is an experience that runners enjoy but an experienced runner knows that running in the hills is much different from running in a lower altitude.  If you plan to do some running during your Courmayeur holiday, be prepared for running in the mountains.

A lightweight, windproof jacket is a must for running in the mountains.  This helps protect you from the winds that can whip around in higher altitudes as well as protect you if a light snow or mist begins to fall.  Hat and gloves are a must when running in the mountains.  You should always protect your head when outdoors in the mountains and your hands, even though you are running, can easily become too cold if left unprotected.

Choose running shoes that are for off-road trails rather than street running to give you better balance and control when climbing steep hills.  The terrain on Mont Blanc is varied; therefore, an aggressive sole that is able to handle different types of surfaces (mud, wet grass, snow, pebbles, etc.) is best.   Do not forget to wear a good-quality pair of socks to keep your fee dry and reduce the chance of blisters from climbing steep hills.

When running in the mountains, even on established trails, it is advisable that you take a map, compass and a GPS device.  It is easy to venture off the marked trails when you view the beauty of the mountains in Courmayeur.  A mobile phone in a waterproof bag and a small first aid kit and emergency shelter are not a bad idea either if you plan on running a long distance on Mont Blanc.  You could easily get into trouble in the mountains and need to protect yourself from weather until help arrives. Lastly, many walkers and runners in the mountains use a good, solid pole to provide extra balance.  It is also good for protection if needed.

Always tell someone when you are leaving for a run and when you expect to return.  Let them know your expected path as well.

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