Dog Sledding in Courmayeur

When visiting Courmayeur, you will find many things to do in this beautiful resort town.  All of the typical winter sports are accessible and you will find more than enough activities to fill your time during your stay.  Many visitors enjoy the excellent skiing and snowboarding that Courmayeur’s has available.  However, if you are searching for something more adventurous than skiing or snowboarding, you may want to consider dog sledding. 

Dog sledding, or sled dogging as some may refer to the sport, has been around for centuries.  Before modern infrastructure and transportation, sled dogs provided transportation for the early settlers of this mountain region.  Sled dogs are bred to live in cold temperatures and work as a team to pull sleds loaded down with people and possessions.  Taking a dog sledding trip is worth the time and effort just to watch these magnificent dogs in action.

A typical dog sledding adventure includes an introduction about the techniques of sledding and about how to guide the dogs. Following the introduction, and the type of program you have chosen, you may be able to guide your own dog sled, ride with a guide or a group along a predetermined course.  There are several different types of dog sledding courses that you and your family can choose from depending on your needs.  Some programs allow children to guide sleds on their own without an adult being on the sled with them.  Depending on the age of the child, he or she may ride in the guide’s sled on longer dog sledding excursions.

When considering what type of clothing to wear for your dog sledding trip, remember that you will be outdoors riding in a sled.  Because it will be cold and possible wet, it is recommended that you wear waterproof footwear such as ski boots or hiking boots.  Ski clothing is the most appropriate clothing for this adventure (ski suits, jackets, pants, etc.).  You should also wear a warm hat, gloves and protective eyewear (i.e. sunglasses).  You may also want to take a camera to make sure you capture the fun you are having learning to guide a team of sled dogs.

Dog sledding has a rich history and is an excellent way to see the beautiful countryside in Courmayeur.  This is an adventure that your entire family will remember for years to come and is a way of experiencing Courmayeur that goes well beyond the normal skiing vacation offered by other winter destinations.

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2 Responses to Dog Sledding in Courmayeur

  1. Boris_Angus says:

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  2. sophie says:

    The great thing about dog sledding is the chance to feel like you are floating on the snow. The other thing is getting to go back to a great Courmayeur hotel and relax in the evening with a drink by the fire. Most of the Courmayeur hotels have lounges or bar areas where guests can gather and talk about the day’s events over a nice drink before enjoying a meal in one of the outstanding Courmayeur restaurants. The nice thing about Courmeyeur is that all of the hotels are great so you do not have to worry about picking a bad hotel.