Cultural Events to Attend in Courmayeur

While there is no doubt that you will have no trouble finding something to do during your stay in Courmayeur, as the Italian Alps offer plenty of opportunity.  But on any vacation anywhere it is always exciting to explore the culture of the people who live there as well.  Most cities that are major travel destinations host a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year, so regardless of when you decide to visit Courmayeur you will likely find an event to attend in addition to having all the Alpine activities to enjoy.   A list of a few of the best will help you decide exactly when you want to plan your trip for.

  • The Saint Orso Fair – The Saint Orso Fair is held annually on January 30th and 31st, as has been being held since Medieval times.  The fair, held in the Aosta Valley, is to celebrate the handcrafting that is popular in the Alps region.  Those who visit during this time of the year will have the opportunity to shop from thousands of different exhibitors offering a huge variety of different handcrafted items.  Not only is attending this fair an exciting way to spend your time in Courmayeur, but it is also a great way to take home reminders from your trip as well.
  • The International Festival of Celtic Music, Art, and Culture – The International Festival of Celtic Music, Art, and Culture is another exciting event offered in Courmayeur, this one during the summer months.  The festival takes place primarily at the foot of the magnificent Mont Blanc, a perfect setting for such a festival, but there are events spread throughout Courmayeur and the Aosta Valley.  The festival embodies the culture of those that live in the area, which is why it attracts so many visitors every year.
  • The Guides Feast – Another intriguing festival to get involved in if you visit Courmayeur while it is being held is the Guides Feast festival, which celebrates Italian Alps mountain guides.  The festival takes place in August, which is a beautiful time of year to visit Courmayeur.  The main attraction of the event is a parade that goes to the cemetery where guides are buried.  For those that are interested in mountain guide history this is an especially enjoyable event.

There is much to do in Courmayeur, to be sure, but festivals are a great way to get closer to understanding Courmayeur culture.

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