Courmayeur – Mont Blanc Ski at its Very Best

Courmayeur Ski Resort is one of the most well known among the famed alpine ranges in Italy. It offers some of the best skiing options the world has to offer and is one of the top flight tourist destinations anyone can aspire to go to. This resort is blessed with the alpine geography’s most beautiful natural asset and that is nothing but the unblemished white and clean snow clad mountains. What is more, Courmayeur being situated right at the foothill of Mont Blanc is simply put scintillating. There is nothing like a Mont Blanc ski if you a skiing aficionado. Getting to and out of this fabulous ski resort is just a breeze with a host of connectivity options available and the resort is accessible from different vantage points of Europe like Chamonix in France and Geneva in Switzerland. Weather is excellent all throughout the year.

Courmayeur Attractions

The Mont Blanc slopes are perfectly safe even for children making it a perfect family tourist destination. The slopes are safe for skiers across proficiency levels from novice to professionals. There are a host of other entertainment options that will keep you occupied during the course of stay other than of course the skiing. Cuisine on offer is lip smacking and yum. Apart from the oh so famous Mont Blanc, there is also Mount Chetif where you can go mountain hiking. There is a beautiful statue of Virgin Mary on this mountain overlooking Courmayeur. This alpine mountain range resort has a great range of accommodation options on offer. There are close to 50 hotels to choose from spread over the different budget ranges and you will be surely spoil for choice. Most of these hotels have been rated as excellent by the guests in the past so you can be rest assured of their quality.

There is nothing like a break from your hectic work schedule and chilling out on this Mont Blanc ski resort which is an epitome of the best of skiing ranges that the alpine hills has to offer. This is precisely one of the reasons why you will find that during peak season, the hotels are almost fully booked throughout. One thing is for sure; once you spend your time here you will definitely yearn for more and are most likely come back the next year too. Such is the captivating pull of this resort town on most travelers.

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