Courmayeur – A Great Destination for a Family Ski Vacation

There are many ski destinations that are perfect for family ski vacations and one of the top on many avid skiers’ lists is the beautiful Italian ski town of Courmayeur.  Staying at a Courmayeur ski resort will afford you access to the magnificent Italian Alps, as well as the opportunity for a Mont Blanc Ski trip, a trip your family will surely never forget.  The best thing about taking your ski vacation in Courmayeur, though, is the fact that it is suitable for your children too.  And there are many things you can take your family to do on your ski vacation other than skiing, not that skiing isn’t great but kids do tend to get bored when they do not have a variety of different things to do.  In addition to skiing there are a few things in particular that you may want to take your family to do during your stay in Courmayeur.

Take a Sled Dog Tour – One of the most exciting things to do when you are not spending time in one of the five-star Courmayeur hotels is dog sledding.  Both adults and kids alike enjoy this Alpine adventure activity, which makes it a great option for a family outing during your stay in the Italian village.  There are all different type of tours, some much shorter than others, so there are tours that are ideal for those visitors traveling with children.  This is a once in a lifetime adventure opportunity that both you and the rest of your family will enjoy.

Attend a Festival – There is a wide variety of festivals held in Courmayeur Italy that are ideal for families as well.  Some festivals focus specifically on children, giving them the opportunity to explore Italian culture in a way that they will understand and truly appreciate.  And the adults in your group will surely enjoy any festivals you attend too.  If you already know when you will be traveling to Courmayeur then you can plan which festivals you will attend when you are there, but if you have not yet set a vacation date then you can plan your vacation around which festivals seem interesting to you.

Visit a Museum – Finally, if you want your children to learn about Italian culture you can always take them to one of the few museums that are located in the town of Courmayeur.  Your family will be delighted to learn all about Italy and the Italian Alps.  Plus the museums are a great way to take up your time when you are not skiing.

If you are looking for a great place to take your family skiing then look no further because Courmayeur Italy is the perfect family ski destination.

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