Coping with Travel Anxiety

Coping with Travel AnxietyAny type of activity can cause stress, even planning a great Courmayeur holiday trip.  Planning a vacation can create stress even though it is something that you want to do and something you are looking forward to doing with your family. Deadlines and making sure that everything is taken care of prior to leaving can create what we call “positive stress” because it is related to something that is positive yet is creating anxiety for you.  There are several ways to deal with travel anxiety and stress so it does not ruin your great travel plans.

Make a complete list of everything that you will need to pack for your vacation well in advance.  After a few days, go back over the list to see if you need to add anything to the list.  I like to make my list as soon as I book my hotel then review it two or three times when I am relaxed and calm.  When you have a list to work from, you will not feel as anxious and worried about leaving something behind.  Share your list with your travel partner so that they can also review it to spot anything you might have forgotten.  Divide the list and packing duties so that one person does not take on the packing burden alone.

If you have a health concern, schedule an appointment with your physician well in advance of your trip to discuss any special instructions or medications that you may need.  Your physician can help you decide if you need to contact the hotel in advance to make special arrangements and provide you with additional written prescriptions in case you should lose your medicine and need a refill while you are traveling.  If you are very concerned, contact the hotel and ask for the number to the closest hospital or doctor’s office that you may contact in advance to discuss your condition.

Another way to help alleviate travel anxiety is to research your destination and know the rules and customs of the area before traveling.  Sometimes traveling overseas for the first time can create anxiety about dealing with foreign cultures, languages and traditions.  Learn some key phrases that you may need to use such as “I need a taxi.” or “Where is the closest train station?” so that you do not feel as if you will be unable to communicate.

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