Choosing Your Accommodation in Courmayeur

When you visit Courmayeur Italy you will have a number of great options in regards to your accommodations.  As with almost anywhere that is popular among tourists there is a variety in the types of accommodations that you have to choose from, in the prices of each of the different types of accommodations, and in the amenities that are offered.  All of these factors should be considered before deciding on where you will stay when you are visiting the lovely Italian village of Courmayeur.

It is important when visiting places as popular as Courmayeur to plan your trip and book your Courmayeur accommodations well in advance.  You will have many more options available if you do so.  This is particularly so for the winter months, as Courmayeur is definitely busiest during ski season, and this is the time of year when ski cabins and ski chalets will go very quickly.  For this reason, if you are considering one of those options it is even more important to start looking early.  And deciding will be easy if you simply consider a few additional factors when viewing your accommodation options.

  • The Time of Year You Visit – The time of year you plan to visit Courmayeur is very important for a number of reasons.  For one, if you’re traveling in the winter months you may want to consider an accommodation with a fireplace, or a place in the mountains with easy access to the ski slopes.  On the other hand, if you are traveling during the summer you may want a hotel with a pool.  The timeframe of your visit is very important.
  • How Close to Town You Want to Be – It is also important to consider how close to town you want to be.  If you are not going to have a vehicle during your stay you may not want to be too far away.  Or you may simply plan to get everything you need when you get there and then staying further away would not be a big deal.  Either way, this is something that must be considered.
  • How Much Privacy You are Looking For – Finally, you must consider how much privacy you’re looking for.  Typical hotels do not offer much in this regard, so if privacy is something you desire you may want to consider other accommodations than a hotel.

Some people are not all that concerned with their accommodations, but if you are then be sure to plan early.

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2 Responses to Choosing Your Accommodation in Courmayeur

  1. Stephanie Loebs says:

    We stayed Hotel Croux. Near the city center of Courmayeur, and from the cable cars for the ski run. The staffs were all excellent and were very helpful at all times. The outlook from the balcony was great. Very good boot room. Free parking near the hotel! Location is perfect! It is only 3 km from Mont Blanc tunnel and less than 1 km from Dollone’s lift. Great value, good facilities: ski-lift transfers, sauna, great breakfast, storage, satellite tv, free wifi with coverage across the hotel. Basically, most of the things that you would expect from an upmarket hotel, but with an informal, family-run atmosphere and better rates. Highly recommend it.

  2. Enid Steiner says:

    Hotel Triolet, Good location, close to cable car and ski hire. Standards of cleanliness were good Good facilities for last day check-out – storage and showering facilities and leaving skis at hotel for pick-up. Good parking facilities. Very efficient service. Very clean and well maintained. The breakfast was adequate and typical of European fare. The room was vacuumed and cleaned daily and the sheets changed twice in a one week stay.