Before you go – – a pre-travel checklist

Before you go - - a pre-travel checklist You made a resolution to climb Mont Blanc this year so you planned a great Courmayeur ski resort vacation for you and your family.  You have purchased your climbing gear, booked a Courmayeur hotel and scheduled time off work.  You are ready to leave on your fabulous Courmayeur vacation – – or are you?  Below is a great pre-travel checklist to make sure you leave nothing behind or undone.

  • Check your cell phone to make sure that it will work overseas.  Some cell phone companies allow customers to rent or borrow special international cell phones but you must do this in advance.
  • Check your passport expiration.  Some countries will not allow you to enter if your passport expires within three to six months of your travel dates.  If your passport expires within a year of your travel date, get it renewed to avoid problems.
  • Contact your health insurance company to inquire about coverage inEurope.  Consider buying special health and travel insurance if necessary.
  • Make copies of travel documents in case you lose them or misplace them during your trip.  Having a copy with all of your pertinent information will make replacing them much easier.
  • If you are renting a car, you will need a valid driver’s license.  Consider applying for an International Driving Permit, which makes it much easier if you are stopped while inSwitzerland.
  • If you are bringing a mobile device, download any apps that you may need or want to use on vacation (i.e. maps, schedules, translators, etc.) before leaving home.
  • Double check medicine that you will need on your vacation and make sure you have a written prescription for each medication.  Make copies of the prescriptions to store in your carryon in the event your luggage is lost.
  • Get a guidebook for Courmayeur andSwitzerlandto read on your flight and train ride.
  • Double check carry-on and luggage restrictions for all flights you will be on during your trip.
  • Contact debit and credit card companies to inform them you will be traveling and to check fees that are associated with using your cards inEurope.  Also, note the emergency numbers for all companies in case your cards are stolen or lost.
  • Confirm reservations prior to leaving and make a copy of all necessary information for each adult traveling in your party in case you are separated.

The most important thing to do before you leave – – be excited.  You are about to enjoy the best vacation of your life!

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