Alternatives to Italian Dining in Courmayeur

Trying the authentic food of any country that you visit is no doubt one of the highlights of any vacation, but depending on the length of your stay there is surely going to be a time when you would prefer an alternative.  Italian food is by far one of the favorite types of cuisine around the world, and anybody who visits the ski resort town of Courmayeur Italy will surely appreciate the wide range of authentic Italian offerings.  But for most even Italian food is better when there is a little variety to be had in between. 

Due to the fact that Courmayeur is such a popular ski vacation destination there are plenty of dining options in the town to choose from.  And while you definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities to try authentic Italian dishes that await you, there are some great restaurants serving culinary delights not of the Italian style as well.  There are a few in particular that tend to get a lot of attention.

  • Rifugio Pavillon – Many visitors to Courmayeur are often surprised by the number of restaurants found high in the mountains.  Rifugio Pavillon is one of these restaurants, and not only is the location of the restaurant unique, but the menu offerings as well.  It only makes sense that a mountain restaurant would offer mountain cuisine, and that is exactly what you will find here.  Some of the dishes to try include the wheat pasta served with deer sauce, and the cabbage rolls made with Savoy cabbage and chestnuts.
  • The Tavern of Pilier – The offerings at the Tavern of Pilier are a bit more elegant than those offered at some of the mountain restaurants, so it is an ideal place for a romantic evening while you are in Courmayeur.  The restaurant is located within a hotel but is open to the public, and well worth a visit.  Some of the specialties offered here include a fontina cheese fondue, a fondue bourguignonne, and the raclette.
  • RosAlpina – Not only does this hotel restaurant offer deliciously elegant dishes, but a great view of Mont Blanc to go with them.  The range of dishes offered include both international and local favorites featuring such things as freshwater fish from the Aosta Valley, local game meats, chestnuts, and mushrooms.

You will surely want to try some Italian restaurants when you are in Courmayeur, but these are great options for when you are looking for something a little different.

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