A Romantic Italian Holiday in Courmayeur

There is very little you have to do to inspire romance on a holiday in Italy, as just being there alone will surely make you feel the romance, but a little extra romance never hurts.  In Courmayeur Italy romance is surely in the air, with the breathtaking scenery that will surround you and the wonderful Italian charm that can be found in everything and everyone Italian.  But when you holiday in Courmayeur with the one you love you will want a little romance on a more personal, private level as well.  Other than simply getting to Courmayeur, there are a few things that you can do to enhance the romantic Italian holiday experience, and three things in particular that you need to do that.

A Bottle of Italian Wine – One thing that every romantic holiday in Italy has to include is a bottle of delicious Italian wine.  Anyone who knows wine, and even some people who don’t know wine at all, know that Italian wines are among some of the best, particularly the reds.  Wine is served formally in Italy, and it is surely served often.  You should have no trouble finding a local store selling some of Italy’s finest, and a bottle to take back to your room will make the night all the more romantic.  Whether you pop it open during dinner or desert, or simply enjoy it while gazing at the scenery from your terrace, a good Italian wine will definitely add to the moment.

A Room With a View – Being that the scenery in Courmayeur Italy is so spectacular it only makes sense to have a room with a view.  There are plenty of Courmayeur hotels that offer this, in all different styles and price levels.  Whether you are looking for a modern hotel or a more local feeling villa or ski chalet, you definitely want it to have this one feature, as it will surely enhance the moment.

A Fireplace – Last but not least, since you are in a ski town in the mountains and it will likely be cold, you definitely need a fireplace to cuddle up next to with each other.  Due to the nature of many visitors’ visits, there are many accommodations that include a cozy fireplace to cuddle up next too.  This is one thing you will want to ask when you are booking your Courmayeur accommodations, because a fireplace will definitely offer a romantic element all its own.

You don’t need much to have a romantic holiday in Courmayeur Italy, but a few extra measures can never hurt.  With the romance of the place itself and the romance that you add to it, you are sure to have the romantic experience of a lifetime.

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