A Mountain Christmas Holiday in Courmayeur

There are few places that are more enjoyable during the Christmas season than the small mountain towns that are located throughout the world, and Courmayeur Italy is one of the best.  The scenery that will surround you during your stay in Courmayeur will alone put you in the mood for the holiday season, and of course Italy definitely knows a little bit about celebrating. 

One thing about spending your holiday in Courmayeur Italy is that you can be sure that there will be a white Christmas, so if you like snow with your holiday this is the place to be.  And if you like to shop and you have someone special to buy for you will find that this is the place to be.  But to really make the holiday special there are a few things you can plan on doing when you get to Courmayeur Italy.

  1. Book a Room or Ski Chalet with a Fireplace – Nothing says Christmas like being able to hang your stocking on the fireplace to be filled with goodies.  Whether you are travelling with your children, your loved one, or alone, hanging stockings on a fireplace will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.  Plus it is one of the few ways that you can decorate for the holiday, since you will likely not have a Christmas tree.
  2. Have Christmas Dinner Served to You – Being that you are going to be on a holiday while you are in Courmayeur you are likely not going to cook your own Christmas dinner.  This gives you the opportunity to look forward to having Christmas dinner cooked and served for you.  There are many wonderful restaurants throughout the town that serve a beautiful Christmas meal, so you will have no trouble finding somewhere festive to eat.
  3. Enjoy a Romantic Christmas Ski Trip – Christmas time is definitely a romantic time of the year, and since you are going to be in one of the best ski resort towns in Italy it only makes sense to enjoy a romantic Christmas ski trip during your stay.  There are plenty of places to ski, and after you can cozy up next to that beautiful fireplace and share Christmas stories.

Ski resort towns are great for skiing but they are also great places to spend a holiday, so why not spend your Christmas in Courmayeur Italy.

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