Shopping in Courmayeur

Shopping in Courmayeur

There is almost always some kind of shopping involved whenever you take a vacation somewhere, either because you end up needing something that you inadvertently left behind, or because you simply want to take home some of the local wares. Not every holiday destination caters to the needs of the shopper that is in all of us, though, and this can be very frustrating. After all, you want more to take home to remind you of your trip than just your memories, although you will surely have these as well when you visit Courmayeur. Fortunately, for those that take their holiday in the wonderful ski resort town of Courmayeur Italy, skiing is not the only thing you will find there.

Courmayeur is actually filled with various types of shops, stores, and boutiques, with something to offer everyone. And although the town is one that has a rich history, in the stores you will find a superior level of modernity, as well as luxury. In addition to stores designated to modern luxuries there are also plenty of stores and shops that offer everything you need for skiing and for other winter and mountain activities. So whether you are going to shop in Courmayeur because you have to or you are going to shop there because you want to, you should have absolutely no problem finding what you need or want when you are there.

Most of the stores you will likely be looking for will be located in one specific area, which is the area that surrounds Via Roma, the “main street” that runs through the small town that is Courmayeur. A simple walk through this area will likely result in finding what you are looking for, but still it always helps to have a guide to help you find everything, or at least so that you know what is there so you don’t miss anything. There are a few shops in particular that tend to get a lot of attention from both locals and tourists.

  • Azzurra – For those that want to shop around for classic sportswear there are a number of stores that you can go to, but Azzurra is one of the most popular for a good reason for sure. The store sells strictly menswear, but there is a wide variety of items to choose from. The best thing about Azzurra, though, is that there are items unique to the area. Some of these items are a mix of sporty and mountaineer styles, and the result is sophisticated but on the rustic side. Two of the most popular items of this type sold here are the well-designed sweaters and the well-made shoes. The prices may seem a little bit high, but you will be amazed at the quality and uniqueness of the items.
  • Guichardaz – Guichardaz is a store that has been in business in Italy since the beginning of the 20th century, and although the styles have changed over the years, the dedication to style upheld by the owners has not changed at all. There are all types of clothing styles for every occasion to choose from, so whether you are looking for something special to bring home or something specific to have while you are in Courmayeur you will likely be able to find it at this store. The brands sold are designer and the prices show, but the durability and quality of the brands are well worth it.
  • Moncler – For those that are willing to spend the money and that are looking for something really special a trip to Moncler may be in order. Moncler offers clothing for men, women, and children, and the styles are one of a kind with a classic touch. This particular store specializes in things like sweaters, outerwear, and skiwear but they also sell some items that are more formal as well. And although you may spend a small fortune on some of the items you will find at Moncler, you can be sure that whatever you buy will last for a considerable amount of time. As with most of the best stores in Courmayeur, Moncler is also located on the well-known Via Roma.
  • Bazaar des Senteurs – Last but not least, for those that are not only looking for clothing stores there is a store that offers something that will allow you to treat yourself a little. Buying something you don’t need on vacation does after all make it more fun anyway. Bazaar des Senteurs is a perfume store, but it does not sell just any perfume. The fragrances you will find here come from France, and while some of the designer scents may be ones that you have heard of before, there are a number of scents and essences that are more on the rare side. So if you are one of those people who dares to be different then Bazaar des Senteurs is worth a visit.

In Courmayeur you will likely spend most of your time skiing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have time for shopping. These are four of the stores out of many that are worth visiting.